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Atlanta Lambert Youth

Updated: May 21

On March 31st 2024, Lambert VT Seva took part in the Great Forsyth County Cleanup. We spent 4 hours cleaning up Caney Road and filled up 3 trash bags! This was an experience that showed us how much waste could be collected from a road that looks clean at first sight. After meeting at Caney Reserve Park, our volunteers walked along the road, unearthing a huge variety of trash- cigarettes, plastic bags, water bottles, PVC pipes, alcohol bottles, etc. It was a fun experience, and we all enjoyed talking with each other while cleaning up the environment!!

Dental Kit Drive

On Feb 17, 2024 with freezing cold temperatures in Atlanta, number of non-profit orgs came forward to help the homeless by providing food, dental kits, and toys to spread the kindness and warmth with the less fortunate ones. Atlanta VT Seva youths from lambert highschool with their President Srimayi also participated in this ‘Wellness’ event and gave more than 100 dental kits to the homeless families. Along with food and dental kits, homeless people were also provided a place to take shower along with onsite doctors assistance for any medical help. We are very proud of our Atlanta VT Seva youths for coming forward and serving the needy on this National Random Act of Kindness Day!

AP Biology Tutoring

VT Seva Atlanta youth is hosting a tutoring service. All the proceeds from this service go to support underprivileged students' education in India.

Student Tutor Qualifications: Srimayi Kukkadapu is an exemplary biology student who has experience in teaching AP biology. In school, she had a 100% average in Honors Biology and a 97% average in AP Biology. She has also received a 5 on the AP Biology Exam. 

For more info. please contact Srimayi - 470-953-9219

Please note - 

1. All proceeds from these online AP Biology classes will go to support the underprivileged student's education in India.

2. ⁠The suggested donation is $75 (for all the classes combined). There will be one two-hour class every week, and there will be a total of 15 classes (30 hours of total teaching). All classes will be held on weekends. 

3. ⁠Recordings will be shared with the students who have missed the class.  

4. ⁠Registration Pre-requisite: Must have taken at least one high school biology class

Please read the VTS Tutoring Conduct and Waiver here:

VTS Tutoring Conduct and Waiver
Download PDF • 86KB

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