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Dallas Youth Host Summer Camp To Support Nethra Students

Updated: Jun 18

In summer Three Youth from Dallas - Devayani, Samanvita and Krishna hosted a camp for 3 hours a day Monday to Friday for 2 weeks.

One week they had 6 kids another week they had 8 kids from elementary. They got support from Mrs. Sridevi Challa, mom of Krishna who encouraged and inspired them to host the summer camp to make a schedule but every day one of them made a lesson plan. The daily schedule included warmup stretches, math, a craft, or a sit-down game and topic on which they use to write a few sentences and present taking turns. The camp was well received by the kids and parents who attended.

The team raised funds and wanted to donate to support Visually challenged students at Nethra Vidyalaya. The funds they raised will support the education of 2 students with free food and boarding for a year.

These three kids also raised funds previously by hosting a bake sale in their community.

Wishing the three awesome youth volunteers Devyani, Krishna, and Samanvita a lot more success in their endeavors and continued joyful volunteering journey.

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