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VT Seva Dallas Volunteers at Envision Dallas!

VT Seva Dallas is always on the lookout for opportunities to serve the local community, and this week volunteers were able to help out at Envision Dallas! Envision Dallas is a non-profit organization that serves the blind or visually impaired across the nation, and the center where volunteers went specifically helps rehabilitate the blind and visually challenged. Volunteers worked with the blind people to help them with clay sculpting and preparing objects like mug, house, animals etc. They also organized the items required for the art work and worked with blind members to finish the sculptures. After work, volunteers helped clean up the tables and general vicinity. Huge shoutout to all of our volunteers who helped out: Vijaya Bhatter, Sudeepthi Senapathi, Medhasree Bhatter, Anagha Senapathi, and Raj Bhatter. They did an amazing job helping out the local community and serving everyone at the center!

Pictures from the event:

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