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Generosity, a 7th grader view

Jan 20, 2020: By Sriteja Kataru (7th grade)

In today’s burrito wrapping, we did a lot of productive work. We made approximately 100 burritos along with a full meal of chips, juice, and fruit. All the burritos go to the San Jose homeless shelter, where they provide a home to the low-income and after they find a job they can move out. These people need our help, and they need food to eat, which is why we are coming and wrapping burritos for them.

We made 100 burritos for homeless !

Along with that, you can make new relationships and friends at VTSEVA. Coming together and making a burrito is a good bonding activity in addition to making an impact in our society. We have the opportunity to help other people, and I thought that when I have all the necessities to have a happy life.

Why not give to the people who have barely anything?

I stand by this cause and I want to contribute as much as I can. When I joined VTSEVA I saw many activities being held to make the world a better place, and burrito wrapping was one of those activities I enjoyed very much.

I stand by this cause and I want to contribute !

I get to see people eating the food that I prepared for them and I get immediate satisfaction by seeing that I am helping my community and helping the poor. In conclusion, the burrito wrapping was very fun volunteering activity along with giving food to the low-income people of San Jose.

Author: Sriteja Kataru (7th grade, San Jose, CA)

Sriteja is an active volunteer from San Jose and is passionate about helping causes supported by VTSeva

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