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VT Seva Youth sharing Kindness and Compassion

As our country is facing a crisis, love and compassion could not be more important. Compassion: its putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, and knowing how to help them, and yourself, heal. Being that person to make a difference in someone else’s life. “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” – Robin Williams

VT Seva embodies this theme in every way possible. VT Seva is about serving the community we live in and the community we are from with compassion and love. We show compassion and love to people who need it the most through our four pillars, including educating the underprivileged and visually challenged, environmental sustainability, cancer awareness, and disaster relief and aid. This year on Valentine's Day, we hosted an event to spread love to heroes in our local community. The VT Seva Hearts for Heroes program was conducted by our Seattle youth team who supplied over 100 meals and made 40 personalized messages for many of our healthcare workers in the Seattle area. Through all of these kind gestures, we were able to convey the love and compassion that we call “service” to an entire community of people.

VT Seva Dallas youth volunteers showed their love and compassion to the senior citizens. Senior citizens have been our friends of VT Seva volunteers for the past 4 years. To express our love and friendship, on the occasion of Valentines' day, a few volunteers visited the center and handed over handwritten musical greeting cards to all the residents there through the coordinator.

How can you spread love and compassion today? Through VT Seva’s feed a meal program! Our donors can sponsor meals for children at our tribal and visually challenged schools for special events in their lives such as birthdays, anniversaries, and maybe even just to spread smiles. To learn more on how you make a difference through love and compassion, visit the website. And remember, without love and compassion our entire world would be buried deep in violence and hatred so, let’s spread love!

Laya, (6th Gr) and Anushka, (11th Gr)

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