My first volunteering experience with VT Seva

On a day not so long ago, I was doing my school homework. Suddenly, my father asked me if I wanted to volunteer with VT Seva on the next Sunday, March 8, 2020. I asked, “I have a Prajna class until 12:00. How will I be able to go?” He said this event will start at 1:00, so if I wanted to go, I could go. I was happy that I would be able to start my volunteering hours, and people will benefit from my work.

That Sunday, after the class was over at 12:00, we drove to Midway United Methodist Church, since that was where we would be doing our service. The organization was called Meals for Grace. At the church, Our job was to pick out the good fruits and vegetables in the packs and pack them up in boxes for the poor. Adithya and I worked on the vegetables. We volunteered to deliver the food.

Soon, we reached the family’s home and gave them food. They were very thankful. After I came home, I felt great that I helped a family. I want to do many more activities like this. Thank you VT Seva and Meals for Grace for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

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