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Partnering Against Hunger

Hunger is something that affects many people and there are only fortunate people who get to never experience it. US is not an exception, even though it’s a rich Country. Food Bank is a nonprofit organization that works its hardest to make sure that in the near future no one needs to experience hunger. The North Carolina Food Bank has been working very hard at this goal and has distributed twenty-three million meals and fourteen million pounds of produce in 2019.

VT Seva Cary is humbled by the opportunity to partner and put in significant number of hours of service at the Food bank. The youth volunteers were very much encouraged by a very warm note received from the CEO of The North Carolina Food Bank NC for being a big part of reaching the goal in 2019. The joy of giving back to the community through service and the friendships made along the way will keep the team coming back for more service in the years to come. VT Seva Centers across the United States partner with local food banks/non profit organizations heavily to serve communities ensuring more people get food. The events happen year round, if you would like to volunteer your time and feel great about giving back to the community, join our enthusiastic team.

- Suvid Thungathurti, Cary

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