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Shining Light in Darkness: Empowering the Visually Impaired

VTSeva Austin Annual fundraising Impact.

Thank you for your generous support always.

$1/day can tranform life of a visually challenged and a tribal student.

Scroll below for the impact your donations can make with the donation options you choose.

With you support VTSeva Austin branch can atleast empower 150 students out of 1300 visually challenged and underprivileged students

VTSeva Austin Local Impact :

Empowering youth and adults to take service forward and inculcating community give back.

Major services Austin branch does

·      Spreading equality among youth through speech contests and public speaking platforms.

·      Converting TSBVI(Texas school of blind and visually challenged) library books to audiobooks to enhance accessibility.

·      Establishing a cutting-edge listening space at TSBVI library to support diverse learning needs.

·      Conducting annual book drives for Title I schools and fundraising events for tribal and visually challenged education.

·      Empowering service leadership among youth through VTSeva clubs in ISD schools.

·      Engaging in environmental protection efforts through park cleanups, seeds for tomorrow and natural farming workshops

·      Raising breast cancer awareness through community walkathons.

·      Volunteering at Senior citizen hospice centers.

·      Gratitude activities for our frontline Heroes (disabled American veterans, Fire fighters, Police)

Disaster relief activities - supporting local food pantries monthly like roundrock area service center and Renold McDonalds Home of charities, central texas food bank.

VTSeva Coorporate activities employees engagements . 

1.    Forget me not -Blue flower for Disabled American veterans

2.    BirthdayCards for the Senior citizens at hospice care.

3.    Birthday Cards for our fearless Fire Fighters.

And many more.

VTSeva Austin Supports TSBVI efforts and doing its part to build a listening space at TSBVI library to empower the visually impaired and enhance their learning skills.

Our volunteers and donors are impacting the local organizations like

Roundrock service area center, Renaold Mc Donalds Home of charities, City of Cedar park with their monthly services.

India Impact :

To mention few

100% Pass Rate in academics .

First visually challenged Robotics team to win championship award aganist visual team.

Para olympics winners

National Men Cricket Champions

World Women Cricket Champions and more....

Causes you can choose :

Education :

  • Educate a Visually challenged 

  • Sports Education for Visually challenegd

  • Special Needs for Blind and Visually challenged kids.

  • Support Health Insurance.

Feeding Hope - Provide Nourishing meals for the visually challenged and underprivileged. You can sponsor the meals on your special occassions and we ill send the pictures and beautiful thank you messages from our students.

Get Involved: Join us in making a difference!

 Learn more about volunteering, sponsorship, or partnership opportunities at

Connect with us on social media:

LinkedIn: VTSeva Austin

Facebook: VTSeva Austin   Instagram: @vtseva-austin

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