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Singing Competition by VT Seva North Jersey


1. Categories

Raga – 1st – 4th grade

Taal – 5th – 8th grade

Sur – 9th – 12th grade


2. Only Solos. No Group singing.

3. Songs can be in any of the genres s.a., Semi Classical, Folk or Light. It can be private or movie songs, but strictly NO Carnatic or Hindustani classical numbers.

4. Contestants are allowed to sing with or without a karaoke track. If a karaoke track is not used then the singers are required to use a shruthi

5. The Maximum time duration for each song SHOULD BE 3 minutes. TIME LIMIT WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED anything over the time limit might not be played. And Please adhere to neat lyrics

6. Video of the song sung by the participant along with karaoke needs to be submitted by May 3rd. Those submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

7. Songs can be in Telugu/Hindi/Hindi/English languages.

8. Winners and runner up trophies will be shipped to the individuals home addresses at a later date. In the last category based on the number of participants we may have winner and runner up or only the winner.

9. There will be ONLY ONE Round for the competition.

10. On May 9th, videos sent by the participants will be played in zoom meeting in front of participant families and judges. Meeting details will be communicated through email.

11. Judging will be done for English and Regional languages seperately depending on the number of participants.

12. All performances will be judged based on the criteria (Shruthi, Laya, Bhavam, Diction, Clarity etc)

13. Judges decision is FINAL.

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