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Virtual Cooking Classes by VT Seva Seattle Youth

In the course of the past few months, Seattle's VT Seva Youth Board held virtual cooking classes every week to support families across the country during the pandemic.

Our mission through this program was to alleviate stress among families by hosting a welcoming and interactive environment online. Through our Virtual Cooking Class program, we created a safe space where communities could come together to socialize and share their experiences over great cooking and baking recipes.

Every Saturday afternoon, we held a cooking class hosted by our many VT Seva Youth volunteers. Each volunteer shared one of their favorite recipes to others across the nation, allowing for families to adopt new cooking techniques and recipes to keep them engaged at home.

We were delighted to meet with participants from across the country, prompting us to expand our volunteers and continue our classes. Through this successful program, we were able to elicit interest in not only our program, a fun and productive way to spend time during the stay-at-home order, but our VT Seva organization as well.

Thank you,

Sumedha Kanumuri

VTSEVA Seattle

Hi! My name is Sumedha Kanumuri and I am a rising junior at Skyline High School in Sammamish, WA. I have been part of the Seattle VTSEVA Youth Board for about 1 year now and I have participated and volunteered in several annual events and fundraisers these past years. Outside of VTSEVA, I enjoy rowing and being creative whether it’s through drawing, small projects or cooking. I love to cook and bake at h

ome and I was inspired to lead the VTSEVA Virtual Cooking Classes to share some of my recipes as well as learn new ones from other kids. I enjoyed creating a safe, virtual environment in order for kids to have fun and also bring a smile to their faces during these hard times. As a person, I strongly believe in having an interactive and strong community whether it is virtually or in-person. My experiences with the VTSEVA youth board and the cooking classes has helped me with building that goal.

Pictures from our Virtual Classes:

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