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VT Seva Atlanta at the Water Treatment Plant

Have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes to produce clean, safe drinking water? Atlanta VT Seva youths visited ‘Tom Lowe Atlanta Water Plant’ on April 4th to learn water treatment process.

Our youths learned what goes behind-the-scenes and produce clean water for the Fulton county residents each day.

Clean drinking water is vital to our good health and it’s our responsibility to save water for the next generation. More than 40 Atlanta VT Seva youths participated in this educational Water Tour.

This water plant has an incredible track record of providing clean, safe drinking water to more than 300,000 residents in Fulton County.

Our youths will share the feedback about this tour and also their Action plan to save water in their daily life.

We have build good relationships with the Water plant officials and they learned about VT Seva and the good work of VT Seva Atlanta team!

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