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VT Seva Atlanta Subha Annual Event 2023

Updated: Apr 7

SUBHA 2023 - Another Year of Success!!

According to Bhagavad Gita, “You are what you believe in. You become that which you believe you can become”, VT Seva Atlanta team strongly beliefs in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ the world is one family and we all play an important role to keep our family robust, strong, and safe. The joy is ours to see others in joy and we are spreading this joy and happiness with all through our Subha Annual event on Oct 7th, 2023.

The word 'Subha' represents the first ray of light in the horizon, the light that transforms the lives of visually challenged / blind students into cadre compassionate leaders of tomorrow. The VT Seva Atlanta team aimed to spread this light into the lives of 175 visually challenged children of Nethra Vidyalaya in India, with our Subha program. The preparations for SUBHA 2023 began well in advance and with Swamiji blessings, SUBHA 3rd annual event was a monumental blast in terms of youth participation, richness in the cultural program, funds raised for the Nethra jewels, and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in our thought, word, and action. We are able to not just meet but rather exceed our goal and raised funds for 200 Nethra students with your Blessings and generous support of our donors and sponsors.

The program started with lighting of the lamp and rendering prayer. Later, our emcee, Kate Chiraponsuk welcomed everyone to Subha program with an inspirational and motivational message. Thereafter, our youths rendered US and India national anthems, setting the tone for a special evening. Afterwards, VT Seva Director, Dr. Madhu Nemani welcomed the Chief guests, Judge Carnesale, Seshu Puranam, Sergeant Dmitri, Police Officer Ann, and all the VT Seva volunteers and sponsors. She shared the story of Lalitha Killaka, a Nethra Vidyalaya student who had a humble beginning and now a super star by winning National Championship at IBSA 2022 (International Blind Sports Federation) and many other accolades in the field of sports. Next, was a presentation by Anuradha Gazzala, VT Seva Treasurer on acknowledging and appreciating the support of our sponsors.

The Subha evening was filled with magnificent dances, soul-stirring instrumentals, profound messages, remarkable emceeing, a captivating skit that resonated perfectly and created an aura of celebration and commemoration for all. Our Chief guest, Judge Caresale delivered an insightful message that left everyone in awe. Later, momentous were given to the Chief guests, sponsors, VT Seva children, and volunteers. In the end, VT Seva Youth Director, Hithesh Gazzala appreciated the hard work, dedication, and selfless service of the entire Atlanta team. He also sincerely thanked all the volunteers who worked round the clock to make this event successful. The program ended on a soothing note with a melodious Carnatic orchestra, leaving the audience with a sense of peace and contentment.

In Subha event, all youths and adults joined hands and worked as a team to support the cause and at present we have more than 800 plus volunteers in our Atlanta VT Seva Team. The highlight of our program is the presentations from All 10 VT Seva Youth Clubs - 9 High schools and 1 Middle school participated and demonstrated their club volunteering activities and its impact on the community. There are youths from all ethnic backgrounds in the clubs and this is a paradigm of embracing equality, diversity and inclusion and inspiring young hearts for the selfless service to all beings.

We were thrilled to announce the recipient of the SUBHA 2023 Youth Club Award for the highest youth attendance, goes to Alliance Academy youths. They were honored with a Special Subha trophy and two Starbucks gift cards. In the runner-up positions, we had two outstanding high school clubs: Alpharetta High School and South Forsyth. They each received two Starbucks gift cards.

Overall, it was an exceptional Subha, a true testament to outstanding teamwork and the meticulous event preparations that went into making it a success. The outstanding decorations and warm welcome gave a festive look and the excellent Tech support ensured that everything ran seamlessly. Fantastic photography and videography captured every moment, and inspiring volunteers played a crucial role in facilitating registrations, managing backstage affairs, and ensuring impeccable food arrangements and plant sales.

This year's event marked the best Subha ever, with an exemplary program that drew more than 350 enthusiastic participants who gathered to celebrate the ‘Spirit of Volunteerism’. All of this was made possible because of sincere efforts, unwavering dedication, passion for serving, humble attitudes, and compassionate giving. We stand together as one big VT Seva family, united by the motto of 'Serve All Beings as Service to God.' We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, donors, and all the VT Seva and Jet volunteers who made this event successful.


HH Shri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji gave His Blessings for Subha Annual Event 2023

Atlanta VT team embodies action-oriented approach with service mindset and humble attitude to inspire and empower our youths to be the servant leaders of tomorrow through our Subha Annual event! The word 'Subha' represents the first ray of light in the horizon, the light that slowly transforms even the darkest of nights into a bright, beautiful sunrise. It symbolizes hope, light, and happiness even in the most obscure and difficult times. The SUBHA annual event is going to be on October 7th, 2023, in which Atlanta youths are planning to present a cultural program comprising of melodious songs, magnificent dances, and meaningful messages. Our goal for this year is to raise funds for the education of 175 visually challenged/blind kids of Nethra Vidhyalaya, India. Lets join hands and support the cause!

VT SEVA CEO, His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji visited Atlanta on July 19th and 20th 2023. It’s an auspicious occasion for all the VT Seva and Jet Atlanta members to welcome the Humanitarian Leader, Vedic Scholar, Spiritual Mentor, and Padma Bhushan Awardee. His benign presence filled the environment with sunshine, it’s a true blessings for all. As He step down from His van, devotees ran towards Him to have Darshan of their beloved Acharya and bow down in His Holy feet. All the Atlanta volunteers welcomed Him with flowers and soon He visited VT Seva Booth in which He enquired about the tri-color ‘Equality Soap’ made by our youths and VT Seva calendar. He took one soap and a calendar and was very pleased to see both the things made by VT Seva youth and asked us to share this calendar with other VT Seva locations.

Later He visited VT Seva exhibits in which our youths showcased their volunteer works through tri-folds on Bird Feeding project, Books for Africa project, Laurel Heights Special Needs project, VT Seva Summer Camp, April Cool Seedling project, Adopt a road, CPR, Visit to Court House & City Council and many more projects. In addition to these exhibits, our 5 VT Seva high school youth clubs (Lambert, Denmark, Northview, Alliance, and Alpharetta) also displayed their year round club activities. Sri Swamiji was extremely pleased to see the volunteer work for VT Seva youths. Afterwards, He visited Prajna projects and was very happy to see their Bhagavad Gita & other projects as well made by Prajna kids.

Next, was His welcome on stage and lighting up the lamp. He graciously lit the lamp and Jet and VT members also participated in lighting of the lamp. Subsequently, emcee welcome His His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and His Parivar to Atlanta. Then Prajna youths rendered opening prayer in melodious voice. Afterward, was SUBHA Kickoff. Sri Swamiji did the Subha Kickoff by pressing a button and rendering His Blessings for Subha 2023. Such a high spiritual leader blessed everyone by raising His hand and showering His grace to all. Later, He delivered a discourse on ‘Path of Compassion: Exploring Spirituality & Social Service' which was very enlightening and inspiring. He touched the hearts of more than 600 people who gathered there and everyone was filled with His aura and magnificent discourse. Consequently, SRS and VT Seva donors recognition was facilitated by Sri Swamiji which was followed by concluding prayer and Prasadam distribution.

On July 20th morning, ‘Teertha Goshti’ was organized in which Swamiji gave His Blessings to all the devotees and delivered an inspiring and motivating discourse. He gave Prasad to devotees and token of appreciation to VT Seva youths, VT core members, Prajna youths, Prajna teachers, and Jet Atlanta core members. As every good thing has an end, so was the Swamiji’s visit to Atlanta, but His immortal discourse and teachings will be resounding forever in Atlanta and His memories will be alive with us for rest of our lives. Jai Srimannarayana!

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