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VT Seva Detroit 6th Annual Public Speaking Workshop

‘’The art of communication is the language of leadership’’- John Maxwell

On Feb 26, 2023, 50 youths attended our online workshop and learned amazing tips and tricks from the expert Toastmaster and the founder of Speaking Masters LLC., Mr. Raju Brahmandhabheri . It was a great experience with an interactive session. Public speaking techniques were shared with the youths. Youths were preparing their speeches with the techniques they learned in the workshop and presented their prepared speeches in the in person session on March 5, 2023 at Novi Public Library. Mr. Raju Brahmandhabheri is supporting VT Seva Public Speaking Workshop for 3rd time in a row.

One student got inspired by VT Seva causes and the speeches from other students, wanted to showcase her skills and help VT Seva cause, so she signed up for the workshop right there itself.

Mr. Srinath Karnati welcomed everyone, Public Speaking Committee member Ms. Architha Kramadhati introduced Mr. Raju. Priya Jaisankar introduced Mr. Cliff and went through the guidelines about the speech presentation.

Harish Jaisankar, VT Seva Detroit Youth Board volunteer Emceed the whole event in a nice engaged way.

VT Seva volunteers Mr. Jaisankar Kannan, Ms.Aarthi Karthik, Mr. Venkat Pisipati Oviya Jaisankar, Amogh Pisipati, helped in various areas like checkin, time keeping and media.

Two wonderful judges Mr. Raju Brahmandhabheri and Mr. Cliff Suttle gave tips and feedback to all the students who presented their speeches

Raju Brahmandhabheri is passionate about public speaking and communication skills and has been part of Toastmasters International (the platform to improve Public speaking and leadership skills) since last 9 plus years and achieved the DTM(Distinguished Toastmasters) award- the highest educational award in the Toastmasters program. To pursue his passion of teaching public speaking and communication skills to the kids, he founded Speaking Masters LLC, a public speaking and communication skills coaching institute and has been teaching these skills

Mr. Suttle is the founder and president of a company dedicated to world class business/audience communications. He is the author for three books "The Meeting Mastery System," "The Anti-Elevator Speech," and the fantasy novel "Necro." A popular freelance writer, Mr. Suttle has written numerous articles for print and multi-media publications and has been read internationally by millions and translated into more than 20 languages. He owns multiple business for over 25 years and has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies including, General Motors, Ford Motor, IBM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Kodak, Xerox, Rockwell International, Commerica, Metlife, and more. Mr. Suttle has received over 100 awards for speaking and is a popular speech writer and lecturer on topics ranging from technical to motivational and earned his B.S. in Management Information Sciences from the University of Michigan and is a certified Peak Performance Consultant.

At the end our continuous supporter and sponsor for Public Speaking Workshop Mr. Chandrasekar handed over plaques to Mr. Brahmandhabheri and Mr. Cliff. Thanks to Mr. Raju for continuous support. Overall it was a great session all the students and parents liked the session and appreciated all the efforts. Mr. Sudheer Koppu gave a thank you speech.

Blog Written By: Priya Jaisankar

Blog Published By: Nandini Cheemalamarri

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