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What an amazing day it turned out to be, perfect weather - not too sunny, not too cloudy, until the penultimate hour, when the rain God decided to be the part of the Final match as a wild card contestant ๐Ÿ˜Š!! Glad that our seasoned menโ€™s Finalists โ€“ Spikers and Sunrisers did not budge and continued their game with ease.

The day began very early for some of us. A few players, core volunteers and set-up crew reached the venue before 7:45 AM EST. They were getting warmed up while we quickly put up the canopy tents, tables, check in booth, food booths, T-shirt sale booth and got ready for the team check-ins. Meanwhile, we closed out on the pre-orders of the Jimmy Johnโ€™s Veggie Sub and sent the order to the store. Soon enough, the lines were drawn up and the teams got on to the courts and the most awaited Womenโ€™s Throwball games began!

Just as expected, every game was high-spirited and extremely competitive. Right after the first set of Throwball games, the Menโ€™s Volleyball games also started. The game draws were very balanced for both Women and Menโ€™s schedules which made them even more interesting and nail-biting.

For more Pics, Please visit VTSeva Detroit FB Media

Final Game Standings:

Hereโ€™s the impressive league level Standings for the Womenโ€™s Throwball Tournament.

Semis & Final:

Winner of the Womenโ€™s Throwball were DETROIT CHAMPS

Hereโ€™s the fabulous league level Standings for the Menโ€™s Volleyball Tournament.

Semis & Final:

Winner of the Menโ€™s Volleyball were SUNRISERS

Event sponsor:

Ramayah Auto was kind enough to sponsor the event.

Youth Volunteers:

Our super energetic Youth volunteers did a FABULOUS job as scorers, line referee, game referee, food booth help, set-up and clean-up. Special thanks to Kaavya, Sneha, Jayanth, Niharika, Ahana, Veena, Hrudya, Supraja, Leo Schmidt, Sai, Nikhil, Shreya, Alok, Ishan, Teja and Arya!!! Way to go!!

Adult Volunteers:

The event would not have been a successful one without the tireless help and support in the following areas:

- Setting up Banners, Food stall, Tent: Suresh, Venkatji, Vanitha, Jyothi ji

- Treasurer help : Jyothi ji, Jaishankar ji

- Lunch Subs Pickup & Dropoff: Swaroop ji

- Samosas pickup: Srikanth ji

- Lunch Serving Help: Meera ji, Ramya ji, Srikanth ji

- Game Linesman: Sreenivas ji

- Photography: Nandhini ji, Sudheer ji, Vanitha ji

- Clean-up: Suresh, Ram ji, Venkat ji, Vanitha ji, Sudheer ji, Sreenivas ji, Nandhini ji

- Game leads: Ram ji, Venkat ji, Sireesha ji

- Volunteer & Food coordinator: Vanitha ji

- Sports Coordinator & Game Scheduling and Online updates: Suresh

- Sponsors reachout help: Srinath ji, Sudheer ji

We are very glad to share that with the help of such wonderful volunteers, supporters, sponsors, and players who contributed to this noble cause, we were able to raise a total of $2,812.00, all of which will go towards the education of the visually challenged children of Nethra Vidyalaya & Tribal School students.

All in all, it was an AMAZING event!!!

Looking forward to making the Tournament bigger & better next year!!

Blog written by Suresh Rajan

Blog published by Nandini Cheemalamarri

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