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VT Seva Detroit Youth Board & Need 4 Needy presents Chess Camp

Tarun Rajesh is a senior at International Academy East. Tarun is passionate about chess and won state-level competitions and he is a leader in the chess club in his school. He conducted the 2nd Chess Camp during the summer of 2022. He taught basic fundamentals of chess to all ages. All the participants thoroughly enjoyed his teaching. This camp was held for three days with interactive quizzes and puzzles and collected $365. The collected money was donated to Nethravidyala schools in India to support one child's education. Tarun chose Nethravidyala to be part in providing equal opportunity for underprivileged visually challenged students. As a VT Seva Detroit Youth Board Member, Tarun is thankful for the opportunity and hope to continue to impact the community.

Make a payment through Zelle app.

See you all on June 27th!

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