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VT Seva Detroit Youth Board Volunteer Spirit Messages

VT Seva Detroit Youth Board Members were celebrating their 3rd year anniversary by sharing what volunteering means to them for the last 3 weeks. Today is the last day They all explained it very nicely from the bottom of their heart. I appreciate everyone who shared these invaluable messages not only to "celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Youth Board but to inspire many to volunteer. Please accept my thanks from the bottom of my heart. Volunteering provides them the understanding of the value of giving back, building trust and relationships, diversifying service, growing empathy, and caring for others at this young age. Thanks to VT Seva for providing a platform for these young minds to serve others and grow as responsible citizens of this world.

Highlights of All of YB member's speech

Service - Srivatsa

Enlighten - Anvika

Empathy - Oviya

Diversification in service - Harish

Changing lives - Kushal

Learn from peers - Sanjeev

Compassion - Akshay

No Limit to service - Hajanthan

Joy to others - Varshan

True value of working together - Saisha

Helping community -Sairaaga

Growing network - Rohan

Relationship - Tarun

Contribution towards society - Udhayaa

Establishing trust - Kaavya

Seeing Smile - Sai Sriram

Giving back - Eesha

Every action matters - Anuraag

Selfless Service - Amogh

Kindness is Lifestyle - Abisrishti

Make new friends - Alok

Gratitude - Akshith

Blog written by: Priya Jaisankar

Blog published by: Nandini Cheemalamari

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