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VT SEVA Seattle Virtual Reading Report Sessions

Amidst the recent pandemic, VT SEVA’s Seattle branch came together to create Virtual Reading for Kids, a program made to support families affected by the stay-at-home order in which entertainment, daycare, and other child services were limited. Through the program, we not only provided a fun and engaging activity for kids bi-weekly, but also raised money for VT SEVA’s Covid Relief Fund from participating families.

Twice a week, volunteers of all ages came to read stories from picture books to Indian classic comics to short chapter books over Webex. Through our program’s webpage, children from across the nation were able to easily join sessions from our online links and enjoy a virtual read-along from the comfort of their home.

Through our efforts we were able to attract kids from Washington, Ohio, California, North Carolina, Texas, and many more. Furthermore, we attracted many passionate volunteers ranging from adults to elementary students eager to converse and support others in their community during these stressful times — in turn, increasing VT SEVA’s footprint across households previously unaware of the organization.

Madhavi Vivek

VT SEVA Seattle

Hello, my name is Madhavi Vivek and I am a rising senior at Liberty High School in Renton, Washington. In my free time I like to swim, attend hackathons, and travel.

I joined VT Seva in 2016 and have been a part of the youth board ever since. I was drawn to VT Seva because I resonated with their mission statement and believed they could provide me with many opportunities to work alongside like-minded individuals passionate about giving back to their community through service. I am glad to be a part of this team and be able to contribute through programs like the Virtual Reading Program in which I led this year.

Here are some photos from our sessions:

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