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VT Seva - Summer Internship Program

This Summer, some of our VT Seva Dallas Youth members experienced a completely different meaning of the term - “Summer Internship”.

Imagine this - living in a tribal school in the middle of the dense jungles of Nirmal forest and Kawal Tiger Reserve in Telangana where there are only kucha roads for hundreds of kilometers. And being welcomed and loved by hundreds of tribal kids who are from the surrounding Gond and other tribal hamlets or “thandas”.

The goal of this volunteering internship was to have our youth team, which comprised of VT Seva youth volunteers from all over the US, spend time in the tribal school and teach the students various subjects that included Robotics, Scratch Programming, Rubik’s Cubing, Self Defense as well as English, Math and General Science.

Besides staying in the school and teaching(and learning from) the kids, the team visited the “thandas” and experienced the true hospitality of the tribal people and their children. Their purity, innocence, intelligence, and willingness to learn and do something for the country were truly awe-inspiring.

We also got the opportunity to spend time at the Statue of Equality, Nethra College for Visually Challenged, JIMS Hospital, and were privileged to spend time and interact with HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and obtain his blessings daily during the period of our stay.

We congratulate our VT Seva Dallas Youth Board interns who attended this internship in India and played an active role in making this journey so memorable - Arnav Senapathi, Neil Katta, Nigama Reddy, Ronav Aviur, Sahiti Peechara, Sanhita Perkari, Shriya Aviur, and Vishnu Marella.

We convey our humble gratitude to VT Seva for the opportunity to chaperone our fantastic 15 VT Seva youth volunteers in this wondrous summer internship in India.

This journey of ours and the time we have spent at Allampally, Nethra College for Visually Challenged, and Statue of Equality has not only been rewarding and fulfilling but has inspired us to do more for the cause of empowering students from underprivileged communities.

The opportunity to participate in the Summer Internship Program will continue to be offered annually, and we encourage all our youth volunteers and adult chaperones to sign up and experience this life-changing journey firsthand.

Please find below some pictures from our wondrous journey.

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