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Women's History Month - 2024

The National Women’s History Month’s theme for 2024 celebrates “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.” The theme recognizes women throughout the country who understand that, for a positive future.

"Inspirational women have shaped our world." More than half of the VT Seva team members are women, and these women serve in various roles helping to fulfill our mission of being compassionate leaders and serving our communities.


VT Seva is recognizing women serving across the branches in honor of Women's History Month. We hope you enjoy watching the video & their messages to know how some of our women leaders advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Happy Women's History Month to all the great women in the world!

Dr. Aparna Tamirisa, VT Seva Vice President of Education & VT Seva Houston Director

At VT Seva, we support equality, diversity, and inclusion by inviting ideas and collaboration to do better work. In supporting the American Heart Association and promoting National Wear Red Day, we are part of the movement for health equity in the realm of cardiovascular disease. In working with the Houston Council of the Blind, we support equity of opportunity and inclusiveness for the visually challenged in our community.

Arathi, VT Seattle Communication Lead

As VT Seva Seattle Secretary, I dive into youth initiatives and push for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Keeping the community in the loop through good communication (newsletters, blog posts, etc), I'm all about creating an inclusive, vibrant, and empowered future.

Archana Bindu, VT Seva Bay Area Director

I've helped create a more diverse and inclusive environment within our organization and a just environment where everyone's contributions are valued and respected.

Archana Korlimarla, VT Seva Virginia Communication Lead

Worked with youths to conduct free STEM programs and collected funds to provide free education for the underprivileged.

Arthima, VT Seva Bay Area Secretary & Youth Director

I have actively promoted equity, diversity, and inclusion by fostering an environment where all youth leads and volunteers feel seen, heard, and appreciated. By embracing diverse perspectives and championing equal opportunities, our volunteer efforts have contributed to creating a more inclusive community. Together, we've worked towards breaking down barriers and building a space where everyone's unique strengths are recognized and valued.

Gayathri Makhija, VT Seva North New Jersey Communication Lead

I made an impact by being kind, helpful, and supportive to my family members Friends, and colleagues!

Harika Parvathareddy, VT Seva Atlanta Communication Lead

I’ve led an organization that advocates diversity and inclusion during my university, we a group of woman engineers have created various events that teach young children from all races about the importance of STEM and education for equality. This foundational thinking has instilled the same ideology in me that VT Seva holds, especially in our events. Some diversity events I’ve been part of are, feeding the homeless, essential worker appreciation, and letters to less fortunate high school seniors.

Kalyani Sanka, VT Seva Cary Director

I advocate equity, diversity, and inclusion through varied volunteer activities. By engaging in diverse initiatives, we cultivate empathy, bridge communities, and amplify voices often unheard, fostering a more inclusive society

Madhavi Donepudi, VT Seva Boston Director

Being aware of diversity and respecting cultural values helps in a collaborative environment.

Dr. Madhu Nemani, VT Seva Atlanta Director

Atlanta VT Seva team welcomes all volunteers from various ethnic backgrounds to join volunteer work, provide equal opportunities to all, listen to their ideas, collaborate, and recognize their efforts. We have 11 VT Seva Youth Clubs in schools that are promoting this doctrine.

Nanda Madadi, VT Seva Columbus Director

By trying to include people who come forward to volunteer and treat them equally regardless of their background, like to include pick organizations regardless of the race or gender they cater to.

Pranuti Kalidindi, VT Seva National Youth Director

I encourage girls from a young age to strive for leadership roles and make their voices heard. I empower them to succeed by advocating for equity across all our youth leadership teams both locally and nationally.

Priya Jaisankar, VT SevaNational Joint Secretary of Communication & VT Seva Detroit

Outreach Coordinator

Promotes VT Seva’s Mission & Vision by sharing all the accomplishments of our volunteers & students.

Encourages high school clubs to include members from diverse backgrounds and create a more inclusive environment for youths to engage in community service to create an equitable community.

Radha Chilkur, VT Seva Houston Communication Lead

As a communications lead, I have encouraged various people to participate in the Vt Seva activities.

Radhika Palukuri, VT Seva Charlotte Communication Lead

My impact in advocating for equity, diversity, and inclusion lies in providing diverse perspectives, addressing bias, supporting accessibility, and encouraging learning and growth among youth volunteers. Through these efforts, I strive to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society.

Ramya Popuri, VT Seva Minneapolis Communication Lead

I promote open dialogue within our organization and consistently advocate for transparency and empathy. By encouraging respect among members, I create an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe to share their diverse ideas.

Santhi Kanumuri, VT Seva National Secretary

As a woman in leadership, I actively champion women’s empowerment, inclusivity, and equity. This commitment has been demonstrated through workshops, mentoring sessions, and concerted efforts to dismantle societal stereotypes. I emphasize collaborative approaches, showcasing how women can effectively engage with diverse stakeholders and excel as negotiators.

Satya, VT Seva Cary Communication Lead

Treating everyone with respect listening to their ideas and valuing their contribution.

Sobana Vasudevan, VT Seva Maryland Director

VT Seva MD Team built a diversified volunteer group and as a Branch Director, I made sure to recognize, respect, and value different perspectives in our team. I have also made sure to provide equal opportunities to everyone and protect all our volunteers from being discriminated against. While working with our volunteers, I made sure to listen to each volunteer about their ideas and implement them wherever its possible. I am so proud of our volunteers' team and taking this quick moment to appreciate all our volunteers who roll up their sleeves, and participate in all our events with an empathic heart. EAST or WEST, VT Seva is the BEST!!

Sridevi Ranga, VT Seva Chicago Director

I've made a meaningful difference by championing fairness, diversity, and inclusivity. By planning volunteer events, I've opened doors for kids of various economic and cultural backgrounds, nurturing an environment where every voice is embraced, honored, and appreciated.

Srivani T Kandalam, VT Seva Minneapolis Director

As a director of Data and engineering at work, I lead a diverse team of folks from China, Turkey, Nepal, India, and America and I have to be fair and constructive with the feedback I share with my team. I have a diverse team, of folks from China, Turkey, Nepal, India, America, and Somalia we can deliver engineering excellence. Even in my volunteering experience, I meet volunteers and donors from diverse backgrounds and we all work towards a universal cause of making the world a better place!

Sruthi Ranga, VT Seva Chicago Communication Lead

In an English class project, I delivered a speech and wrote against banning books, showing how it silences diverse voices, aiming to create a school where everyone’s story is valued.

Swetha Panuganti, VT Seva North New Jersey Director

Encourage friends and youth volunteers to raise awareness about VT Seva. Lead efforts to establish a welcoming atmosphere, enabling all members to freely express their thoughts without fear of judgment. Acknowledge and appreciate the diverse contributions of everyone involved in the cause.

Uma Rudraraju, VT Seva Austin Director

Encouraging school clubs and enabling them to work with other diversifying clubs in schools. We have two schools with diversifying club members.

Vanitha Gopalan, VT Seva National Joint Secretary of Special Program &

VT Seva Detroit Volunteer Coordinator 

Championed appreciation events for Police Officers/Firefighters; Food drives & Fundraising events to help Detroit food pantries; the homeless & VT Seva causes.Conducted various activities at 35+ organizations in Detroit to help their needs & Foster inclusive & supportive communities from diverse backgrounds.

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