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2023 VT Seva Detroit 4th Annual 'Soccer for a Cause' Tournament

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

We concluded an amazing high-energy *2023 4th Annual VT Seva 'Soccer for a Cause'* tournament successfully! With the funds raised in this tournament, we can support the education of 12 children at Nethra Vidyalaya School for the entire year.

The players, referees, volunteers, viewers/supporters, and parents were simply FABULOUS in supporting the cause. The games were played with the right spirit and attitude from the beginning to the end.

The game coordinators and timekeepers were extremely diligent in ensuring the scores and timings are kept as per schedule.

After an electrifying Group 2 final, Look Ma, No Hands team from New Baltimore, MI came as out the winner defeating the tough-playing Novi Lightning Blue.

What a nail-biting finish, it was with the two Semis and Final games in the knockout stages after the firepower round-robin group games between the 12 teams!! Detroit FC clashed against Manchester Divided in the finals knocking out CPFC and Team Abhinav in the semis. Detroit FC came up victorious and took the championship trophy 🏆. The rolling trophy has now passed on from last year's winners Saginaw-FC to Detroit FC, who are the new champions of the tournament in Group-3.

Very special shoutout to VT Seva youth captains - Kalki, Adhip, Yug, and Abhinav who promoted the event and formed their own teams.

Lots of appreciation and thanks to all the referees from the Group 3 teams and Group 2 referees Grace, Darshan & Adam for ensuring the games are played fairly. Special shoutout to Alvin, whose support, drive, and initiatives were critical to the tournament this year.

Alvin has been a constant supporter of our cause and this year he played a major role in being part of the VTS Soccer management team, pulling in so many teams, working through the schedule with us, and working hand in hand with our VTS team. Thank you so much! 👍✌️

The event would not have been a grand success without the valuable contributions of VT Seva Volunteers. HOURS & HOURS OF PREP WORK WENT INTO MAKING THIS A SUCCESSFUL EVENT so hats off to the DETROIT STRONG VTS Volunteering team Youth & Adults.

Volunteers list:

We are so grateful for the support from our event Sponsors- Vani Foods, BSHM Financial Services (Texas), and our corporate sponsor Yazaki North America, Inc. 🙏🙏🙏

Thanks to Akshaya Patra, who provided food for sale at the venue.

More details with Game Stats, photos, and special mentions are forthcoming soon in the form of a website blog post!!

Event photos can be found here:

Standings & Scores of the event:

Group 2:

Group 2 Final Game:

Group 3:

Group 3 Semi-Finals & Finals Scores:

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Blog Written By: Suresh Rajan

Blog Published By: Nandini Cheemalamarri

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