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VT Seva Detroit 7th Annual Public Speaking Workshop

“Communication works for those who work at it.” John Powell.

VT Seva Detroit conducted the 7th Annual Public Speaking Workshop marked a significant milestone in the journey of empowering individuals to articulate their ideas with confidence and conviction. Hosted by Mr. Raju Brahmandhabheri, the expert Toastmaster and founder of Speaking Masters LLC., who continuously support Nethra Vidyalaya students’ education through VT Seva Detroit.

On Mar 2, 2024, Online workshop has been conducted by Mr. Raju, students from different states were participated. A great interactive session with the youths. Participated students learned the techniques in delivering a good speech and presented their speech in the Farmington Hills Library on Mar 9, 2024 and received feedback from Mr. Raju.

Thanks to our youth volunteers Adhip, Yathi & Kaustubh for giving a speech about VT Seva pillars to the participants and their families.

Without volunteers, no event is possible, we would like to thank Ms. Priya Jaisankar, Mr. Srinath Babu Karnati, Ms. Architha Kramadhati, Mr. Sudheer Koppu, Mr. Suresh Rajan, Ms. Vanitha Gopalan, Ms. Asha Puranam and Mr. Jaisankar Kannan.

VT Seva Detroit thank Mr. Chandrasekar for his continuous support and sponsoring the Public Speaking Workshop. It was one another successful public speaking workshop with the support of participants, parents, volunteers, sponsors and Speaking Master LLC.

For more pictures, click here

Blog written by: Ms. Priya Jaisankar

Blog Published by: Ms. Nandini Cheemalamarri

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