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COVID-19 Response: VT Seva Detroit raises funds for Food Banks – Gleaners and Forgotten Harvest

Year 2020 started off with unprecedented difficult times with COVID-19 pandemic causing havoc all over the world. Corona Virus has not differentiated between young and old or rich and poor and neither has spared the most influential and powerful of people. Many industries are adversely impacted, people have either lost their jobs temporarily, laid off or have incurred reduction in their salary.

Forgotten Harvest Feb 15th 2020 - before COVID-19 outbreak

VT Seva USA launched a massive campaign across 37 cities in USA partnering with our local volunteers and branch directors to support local charities. As a part of this campaign, VT Seva Detroit has raised over $1626 in generous donations from metro Detroit families who were gracious enough to spend their hard earned money even during the times of hardship in order to help feed the Children and Adults who rely on food banks and community kitchens across the region. All the funds from the donations received have been sent to Forgotten Harvest and Gleaners Food Bank equally. Forgotten Harvest provides 138,000 pounds of food per day to local charities 6 days a week. VT Seva Detroit has been partnering with Forgotten Harvest since 2013 helping them fight hunger and food insecurity.

Detroit team has also been partnering with Gleaners Food Bank for the past 7 years. Gleaners provides households with access to sufficient, nutritious food, education, and innovative solutions to achieve a hunger-free community in southeast Michigan.

Kroger Food Drive - Heart to Homes for Gleaners Food Bank on Jan 25th 2020 before the onslaught of COVID-19 pandemic in US

VT Seva Detroit Youth Board is raising funds to support St Mary Mercy Hospital - please check out their fund raiser here

VT Seva extends its gratitude to all the Volunteers and Donors who supported this cause. If you would like to support feed more people please donate here.

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