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VT Seva Dallas Youth moved by COVID-19 impact to support VT Seva Causes

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading rapidly, help is needed in many areas across the globe. VT Seva is able to offer help by empowering youth with values of volunteerism and helping underprivileged around the world. In these unprecedented times, VT Seva is also standing for communities across 37 cities.

Moved by the COVID-19 impact, Priya Marella, an 11th grader at Coppell High School, started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for various VTSeva Causes. Since quarantining during COVID-19 has limited our ability to leave the house, she took the initiative to make any impact to help those less fortunate. The purpose of the GoFundMe is to raise funds for VT Seva that will aid the organization in its endeavors of providing education for underprivileged and blind children, cancer awareness and medical camps, and environmental protection. The GoFundMe page is continuously chasing its goal of reaching $1,000.

As COVID-19 response, VT Seva USA branches across came together to support 100,000 free meals to children and low income families through 22 food banks across US, 17,000 N-95 face masks to various hospitals across USA, and provided 30,000 free meals to migrant workers stranded in India due to COVID-19 lock-down.

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