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Meet Ravindra Vangapandu - T20 Champion

Jan 22, 2020: VT Seva congratulates Gopalachari K and Ravindra Vangapandu who represented Andhra Padesh at the IndusInd Nagesh T20 National Cricket Tournament for the Blind held on January 22, 2020 at Chinnasamy Stadium at Bengaluru. VT Seva is very proud of his accomplishment and would like to take you through his journey of of becoming a Champion.

In Ravindra's words:

"I joined (Nethra Vidyalaya) School for Visually Challenged in 2009 to continue my studies. I joined 7th class in Nethra Vidyalaya. Before joining this school, while my other friends were able to understand the lessons being taught I used to struggle to learn due to my eye sight. "

After seeing my struggle, my father decided to join me in blind school. He came to know about Nethra Vidyalaya from my relatives. After joining in Nethra Vidyalaya, every teacher took care of me and helped in every aspect.

Now I am playing for Andhra Pradesh Cricket Team. When I joined in Nethra Vidyalaya, I didn’t know how to play cricket. My teachers encouraged me to play the cricket. Without disturbing my studies I started playing cricket simultaneously.

My parents annual income is 55,000/-. It is very difficult to maintain family with that. We are three and I am the younger one. Luckily I got an opportunity to study in School for Visually Challenged (Nethra Vidyalaya). We are very much thankful to Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for giving us hope to lead a happy life. After joining in Netra Vidyalaya entire staff helped me a lot especially Baby madam. Every student has a dream, with Swamiji’s blessings my dreams are fulfilling.

It is not very easy to be selected in Professional team.

I tried many times and went for selections. In 2019, I got selected in Andhra Pradesh team as an all rounder. Because of my economic status I struggled a lot for going to selection all over India. My 10 years hard work and my teachers encouragement made me finally a successful man. My ambition is to play in International format.

After the completion of my school education, I joined in Nethra Jr. College which is unique in India. After Intermediate I got seat in University of Hyderabad, done my graduation there. Then I got seat in Pondicherry Central University for MBA program.

Every day I say thank you to Sri Swamiji because if he did not establish Nethra Vidyalaya Institute, children like me can’t stand on their own feet and have a financially independent life. Once again thank you Swamiji, Nethra Vidyalaya and Baby madam for helping me till date."

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