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VT SEVA Dallas 14th Annual Taringini!

One Act of Kindness can cause a ripple effect! The main goal for this year is to sponsor food for 500+ children studying at School for tribals (Jeeyar Gurukulam, Allampalli) for one year. We have accomplished the goal with the pledges and donations, thanks to the generous support of compassionate hearts.

VT Seva Dallas conducted 14th annual TARANGINI, an entertainment for charity event on Saturday, March 25th, 2023, at the Grand Center in Plano from 3 PM to 6 PM. After almost two years, we had an in-person event, and it was exciting!!

The preparations had been going strong for almost 2-3 months before the event as youth members worked tirelessly to perfect their performances. The event began with a peace prayer by PRAJNA (Personality development class) students and rendition of American and Indian national anthems. We had an assortment of dance and singing programs to entertain the audience. The highlight of this year’s Tarangini was “Allampalli Diaries” musical. With the musical gaining such an incredible, and positive reception, the members of the cast and crew will get a chance to reprise their roles on a much larger platform (more details on that to be released soon).

The event was emceed by Ms. Mahathi Duggirala, Mr. Teja Papaihgari, Ms. Amritha Kasturi, Mr. Shreyas Vishwanathan, Ms. Srinidhi Surabhi, and Mr. Lakshman Vennamaneni, dynamic young volunteers of VT Seva Dallas. With high energy and loads of power to make this event a success, all six of the emcees raised awareness about the volunteering and service activities of the VT Seva with jokes, quizzes, entertainment, and more.

VT Seva national youth director Mr. Phani Aduri inspired the audience as the keynote speaker. Quoting Dr.King "Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service", he mentioned that we are not who and what we are, but we are defined and identified by our actions and remembered by the impact of those actions on others. He urged the youth to not settle for success and happiness in life, but aspire for a successful and fulfilled life because happiness through success is an emotion that is momentary and temporary, whereas fulfillment is an ever-lasting and never-ending state of happiness and it can only be achieved by serving humanity. His passion for volunteering and this organization was felt by each audience member through his words and work as a national board member.Ms.Madhu Nemani, VT Seva Atlanta branch director was the guest of the honor. She shared about how their team of youth volunteers grew from less than 50 to more than 500 within a year. She encouraged youth to initiate and lead the projects to passionately serve the community. VT Seva Dallas Branch Director Mrs. Amita Aviur shared about her experiences of VT Seva and going to the tribal schools in Allampalli as part of VT Seva summer internship as a chaperone along with 15 youngsters from all parts of US. Amita talked about how she felt happiness that she could not find anywhere else while staying with the tribal people. Furthermore, she talked about the delight she feels everyday working with VT Seva and volunteering. She gave vote of thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors of Tarangini. The Tarangini digital souvenir was released by Mrs. Nemani.

As children are our future and VT Seva believes in empowering them with the values of volunteering and philanthropy, TARANGINI event was formulated in 2009. It provides an opportunity for local youth to volunteer their time and talents as a team, while supporting service projects of VT Seva. It has been successful in providing a foundation for them to grow into leaders through service. To motivate the youth to take leadership in making a positive impact on the society, young volunteers Mr. Sriram Vennamaneni and Ms. Meghana Aduri shared about the projects they have initiated.

Sriram shared that throughout his volunteering time at VT Seva for the past 10 years, and having been involved in numerous activities, one that resonated with him, in particular, is women's health. To address issues surrounding women’s health, he has started an initiative to procure manufacturing equipment that makes high-quality and biodegradable sanitary pads to improve menstrual hygiene and prevent cervical cancer. These pads will be distributed by VT Seva Mahila Arogya Vikas (MAV) to women from slum areas and underprivileged students who can’t afford to buy them. The MAV will also employ local women to supervise the machines and distribute the products, offering sources of income for the underprivileged women.

Visit this link to learn more about Sriram's Initiative and Donate to the cause:

Meghana shared about the special needs project she is leading to empower Prosper ISD. Hearing the impact that VTSeva was able to have upon these kids was such an eye-opening and moving movement. But, other than just the impact, the audience were also able to learn about how amazing these special kids were. The Prosper children had their dog treat business, in which they would handmake treats and sell them! And on top of that, they also ran a soap business that sold very high-quality soap. The schoolteacher mentioned that the soap cost just enough money to be able to make another bar of soap, and the kids gained no profit from the venture. It was truly amazing to hear that these kids were running such a selfless business, a venture, that many of us could not even attempt.

One of the highlights of the night was the presentation of Presidential awards. These awards personified the commitment that volunteers had in serving the community and they are grateful to VT Seva for providing them the volunteering opportunities. The Deputy Chief of Police, Mr. Jon Skertich presented this award to the youth. This year’s recipients of the Presidential awards were Ms. Meghana Aduri, Mr. Shreyas Vishwanatha, Ms. Nigama Reddy, Mr. Ronav Avuir, Mr. Arnav Senapathi, Ms. Sahiti Peechera, Ms. Sanhitha Perkari, Ms. Keerthana Aduri, Mr. Neil Katta, Ms. Shriya Avuir and Ms. Shriya Kanjarla. A total of 11 recipients! In the words of one of the recipients, Neil Katta, “The moment we received the award was truly unforgettable, and only served to strengthen my motivation to continue volunteering”.

Dances were performed by Nruthya Shakti Dance Academy and UDance group. Our long-time supporter Kashish band gave a singing performance. We would like to thank our Food sponsors – India 101, Sai Gayathri, and Dwaraka. We appreciate the services of Mrs. Sumana for creating the Photo Booth, Photographer Mr. Phanindra Pydimarri, Videographers Mr. Ravi Kadur & Mr. Gaurav Peechara

Service leads – Mrs. Lakshmi, Mrs. Kalyani, Mrs. Lavanya, Mrs. Chithra, Mrs. Gunjan, Mr. Vinayak, Mr. Siva, Mrs. Maala, Mrs. Radha, Mrs. RaniPrameela and our amazing youth volunteers and parents for their continued support.

Pictures from the Event:

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