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My dreams - Manohar Reddy

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Manohar Reddy:

1st year Bachelors in Computer Science,Netra Degree College, Hyderabad

This land has given birth to many great personalities including Swami

Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhiji, and Sahn ti Doot a Nehru. Mother India has also given birth to me. Born in Yadiki, as the son of farmer parents, Chandrasekhar and Sivanirmala, I am forever grateful to my teachers and environment. My mother taught me how to speak. My father taught me how to walk.

In school, my teachers developed my confidence and shaped my character.

They not only gave me reading and writing skills, they had a prominent role in m yd ev el op ment as a hu man bei ng. They made me who I am today. Throughout my high school, I received high marks. After losing partial vision, I completed my studies at the ‘High School for Inclusive Education RDT’. Because of my desire to attain a higher education, I was informed about the Netra degree colleges by my seniors. The opportunity makes me supremely grateful to the founder.

Before coming here, I had no exposure to computers or English communication skills.

In high school, we used Braille script for taking notes and listened to audio books. These simple tools made material for our studies and compete with other students. Netra College though, provided me with excellent facilities coupled with advanced technology and a highly competent faculty. The ability to read any text with the help of JAWS software and the opportunity to write exams on laptops made my daily life remarkably more productive. Once having fears about my future in this competitive world, I was like a kite wit ohu t t hread and a fis h ou t of wat er. But Netra Intermediate College helped me develop spoken English skills and taught me how to operate advanced tools like the latest technology in mobile computing. This place must be the eighth wonder of the world because no one is able see these kinds of facilities combined with the guidance of such compassionate teachers elsewhere. I passed my intermediate (10+2) by writi ng exa ms ind epned entl y on a l apt op. It was amazing to experience such res ults - I pasesd out wit h fly i ng col ors. The success is all due to the wonderful opport uniti es pr ovi ded f or t h be li nd heer .

Netra College gave eyes to my fingers

and ears, allowing me to see that my

heart had courage to persevere. Through

the great vision and encouragement of

our inspirer Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji,

anything is possible.

I am happy to share that the Government

of India has granted me a merit

scholarship. Netra College has given

meaning to my life. I would like to

thank you all - the leadership, teachers,

philanthropists and volunteers. Instead

of showing sympathy for a perceived

weakness, you believed in our potential,

amplifying our strengths!

Society typically has doubts about how

the visually challenged youth can survive

in this world. But we are able to overcome

life’s challenges under the umbrella of

your care and support. Any achievement

i s possi bl e wit h your encoureamge nt.

Because of you, I am encouraging all the

visually challenged students to join Netra

and dispel darkness with education. As

there are seven wonders of the world,

there are seven wonders in my life -

Mother, Father, Teacher, Lecturers,

Friends, Books, and all of you kind souls

who are empowering us through your

support for VT Seva.

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