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VT SEVA Detroit Public Speaking Workshop - 2023

"Communication is the human connection, which is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J Meyer

Public speaking has taken a center stage in today’s education and career. All of us know the importance that communication plays in our daily lives. VT Seva has been providing an opportunity to our youth get introduced to public speaking and advance their skills since last 5 years. VT Seva is bringing another great opportunity this year as well!

VT Seva is proud to announce 6th Public Speaking Workshop. One day virtual work workshop will be organized on Feb 26th and in person public speaking presentation (not a competition) will be held on March 5th in Novi Public Library.

During the online workshop on Feb 26th, the youth will be exposed to different aspects of public speaking like tone, vocal variety, how to avoid fillers and many more by none other than one of the experts in public speaking, Mr. Raju Brahmandhabheri. This is a great opportunity for the youth to learn and refresh the nitty gritty of public speaking. The youth will also be provided an opportunity to practice what they learnt on March 5th during the public speaking in person presentation (not a competition).

Raju Brahmandhabheri is passionate about public speaking and communication skills and has been part of Toastmasters International (the platform to improve Public speaking and leadership skills) since last 9 plus years and achieved the DTM(Distinguished Toastmasters) award- the highest educational award in the Toastmasters program. To pursue his passion of teaching public speaking and communication skills to the kids, he founded Speaking Masters LLC, a public speaking and communication skills coaching institute and has been teaching these skills for the kids in the grades: 3-12 from the past four years. He has been receiving 5-star ratings from both students and parents for his public speaking classes. He is a mentor for the high school students to coach/advise/prepare them for the annual Leadership Speech Contest hosted by National Management Association (NMA). He has also served as a judge on various speech contests at Toastmasters and community organization’s educational competitions (public speaking, spelling bee etc.). By profession, he is an Electrical Engineer currently working as a Senior Regional Engineering Manager at ITC Holdings Corp., Novi, Michigan.

Please prepare your speech to fit between 120 - 150 seconds in one of the below topics to present on March 5th in Novi Library.

  1. Who is your favorite super hero character and why?

  2. What makes you happy and why?

  3. What does volunteering mean to you?

All the proceeds from this event goes to support Visually Challenged & Tribal Students education in India.

What a great way to support others while become competent in the essential life skill Public Speaking!

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the best by registering ASAP!

VTSeva 2023 Public Speaking Rules and Procedures
Download PDF • 209KB


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