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Northview High School VT Seva Club

Updated: Apr 7

The Northview VT Seva Club organized a chess tournament during the 2024 spring break to have a full day of fun and excitement for the kids. The tournament was split up into 2 age groups. 7th -12th grade played on Wed, Apr 3rd 2024 and K-6th played on Thu, Apr 4th 2024. 13 students registered and played in the 7th-12th age group. 7 students participated in the K-6th age group. It was conducted online with 5 rounds of 15 min + 10 second bonus. The students were very competitive and thoroughly engaged in the tournament, resulting in 2 1st place finishers in the 7th - 12th age group. In the K-6th tournament 7 students participated with one winner, who won all of their games. In the end, the tournament turned out to be a fun and exciting experience for everyone.

VTS Northview kicked off its lights of hope project, helping to set up the neighborhood lights for John’s Creek Station. We look forward to our next project date this Saturday, November 4th, at 1 am!

It’s a proud moment to share with you all - another story of determination and persistence of Atlanta VT youths.

Northview high school youths had a strong desire to open VT Seva club at their school. It’s a private high school in which starting a VT Seva youth club is very very tough. No teacher was ready to become the club sponsor, but our VT youths didn’t give up and looked into all the possible ways to make it happen.

Youths from VT Seva Northview High School took part in the Lights of Hope project, putting and removing Deepavali lights and Christmas lights for the Johns Creek Station community, raising $1100 for "Nethra Vidyalaya" students. VT Seva Northview youths, under the direction of the youth club President, Adithya Karthik Upadhyayula, are leading this kid-to-kid.

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