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VT Seva Detroit E-Musical Event , Sing for a cause

VT Seva Detroit with support of Swaravedika Detroit Chapter is organizing a

musical event as a part of RAAS 2020 fundraising for Tribal and Visually Challenged kids.

Please join, Sing and Support.

November 1st, 2020 from 1 PM onwards


Participation fee of $10 for solo and $20 for duet/Group singing.

**Songs are taken on first come first serve basis. In case of duplicates, the former will have an advantage and the later will be asked to pick another song.

**Song duration is STRICTLY 5 minutes.

To support one kid's Education its just "Dollar a Day" - $365 a year. for more information please click here :

For more information @ 213-399-2315 / 949-232-9477

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