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Tribute to Bharath - 2023

Updated: Jan 31

“Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.” – Ida Scott Taylor

In 2023, a remarkable annual initiative, Tribute to Bharath, once again illuminated the incredible diversity of Indian states. Spearheaded by Oviya, a passionate member of the VT Seva Youth Board in Detroit, this project was a journey into the heart of India, celebrating its unique states, cultures, and traditions.

The Tribute to Bharath project was an innovative departure from the norm. Instead of delving into the pages of history, it focused on the vibrant present of India. Youth from Maryland and Detroit united to embark on this enlightening journey.

A dedicated team of 28 Detroit youth board members and 19 Maryland Youth board members came together to research and create informational posters for each day of the month. These posters were windows into India's diverse states' cultural, historical, and geographical aspects.

This project aimed to foster a deep connection with India's rich cultural roots. These posters were not mere information sheets; they were bridges connecting viewers to the fascinating tapestry of India. They showcased languages, traditions, and unique aspects that make each state a treasure trove of culture.

One of the most significant achievements of this project was highlighting the unity in diversity that defines India. Each state has its own distinct identity, yet together, they form India's vibrant mosaic. This project emphasized the importance of cherishing this diversity and celebrating it as one of India's greatest strengths.

Please take a moment to watch the video below:

The success of the Tribute to Bharath project owes itself to the dedication and passion of our young board members. Let's acknowledge and celebrate the individuals who worked tirelessly to bring this project to life:

Detroit: Oviya Jaisankar, Sreenika Perumalla, Kushal Durga, Shruthi Adduri, Eashan Daram, Sai Sriram Karnati, Sriraam Hebbar, Aditi Jethri Kompally, Vahini Murkathas, Shreya Shetty, Veena Karthik, Nirvan Daram, Rishab Mavatoor, Amogh Mavatoor, Anvika Perumalla, Rishi Chowdhury, Hiba Zyna, Harsh Ahire, Akhil Peteti, Nikhil Aerabati, Aanya Janga, Kalki Renga Anand, Rachana Raghunathan, Rishi Adduri, Kavi Renga Anand, Tanay Shah, Adhip Pisipati, Sathvik Tirumala Kanduri

Maryland: Taara Vasudevan, Aadya Gillella, Akanksha Subramaniam, Divya Putthana, Gautham Venkatramanan, Kaniskar Sekaran, Keerthana Ganesh, Rohan Putthana, Sana Shenoy, Abhiram Tammana, Anika Gillella, Arjun Challa, Bhavya Yarlagadda, Mahesh C.G., Mridula Vasudevan, Nikitha Tokala, Rashmika Patel, Shreemayi Chityala, Yashmita Dillibabu

Blog Written By: Oviya Jaisankar

Detroit Tribute to Bharath Video by: Oviya Jaisankar

Maryland Tribute to Bharath Video by: Mridula Vasudevan

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