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VT Seva Austin - Summer Volunteer Camp

VT Seva Austin had created an exhilarating summer camp to learn about crochet and birdhouses. It was a 5-day camp that Gwen, Pranavi, and Shreya led. Gwen taught us all about the wonders and creativity that revolve around crochet. Several of the students were able to create amazing scarfs and it was an inclusive experience for all. Along with that, Pranavi, and Shreya led the birdhouse and birdfeeders activity. So many students made beautiful birdhouses and birdfeeders. In Austin, we had scorching temperatures over 105 degrees Fahrenheit, so we knew that we had to help the birds and the rest of the wildlife community.

In commemorations of flag day, we made letters for the frontline heroes that serve to protect and improve our community.

They truly are exceptional and hard-working people, so a thank-you letter can go a long way.

Finally, to end our session, we wrote letters for Father's Day to express our gratitude for their contributions to our lives.

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