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Updated: Mar 3

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

-Winston Churchill

As this wonderful quote says, we could make a life by giving a helping hand to the visually challenged and Tribal children with our generous donations.

Our heartfelt thanks to the generous support of compassionate hearts throughout the year for the greater cause.

VT Seva Detroit successfully celebrated the 8th Annual Cultural Event RAAS-2023 on November 4th, 2023. RAAS is our Annual Celebration event, culminating a great year of various fundraising activities and volunteering services to the community.

A memorable evening with marvelous Entertainment & Sumptuous Dinner

Some of the key highlights of the event:

  • Raised funds for 342 Visually Challenged and Tribal students’ education.

  • 450+ people attended.

  • Sumptuous Dinner with Mesmerizing Entertainment

  • First-ever game night & Electrifying Open-floor Dandiya dance to engage the audience.

  • Special Thanks to all the Donors, Volunteers, Participants, Sponsors, Choreographers, and everyone for bringing great success to VTSEVA Detroit and keeping VTSEVA Detroit at the Top in service.


Great things happen only when there is a gathering of great minds & kind hearts.

VT Seva Detroit board acknowledged the year-long hard work of our dedicated volunteers and kind donors with an evening of music, dance, game, food, fun, and celebration.

The evening event started with Mr. Srinath, Ms. Priya, and Ms. Vanitha welcoming the donors/volunteers.

The event started around 5 pm with Deepa Prajwalana by Mr. Kishen, Ms. Sunitha, Mr. Madhavan, Mr. Sudheer, Mr. Srinath, Ms. Vanitha, and Ms. Priya.

Ms. Priya introduced EMCEE coordinator Mr. Arvind, who mentored our youth EMCEE team. Mr. Aravind introduced the youth. The event was followed by Prayers from Prajna students, the American National Anthem by Shivani & Indian National Anthem by JET Michigan Prajna students.

The Director of VT Seva Detroit, Mr. Srinath Babu Karnati, explained the impact that both Volunteers and Donors created in 2023 and thanked them for all the support they provided to VT Seva and the local community. VT Seva Detroit conducted 70+ events in 52 weeks in 2023 and is leading nationwide.

VT Seva National Secretary Mr. Sudheer Koppu addressed the audience and thanked them.

VT Seva National Youth Director and VT Seva Detroit Volunteer Coordinator Ms. Vanitha Gopalan talked about all the community service projects conducted in 2023 and thanked all the donors.

VT Seva National Joint Secretary – Communications and VT Seva Detroit YB Outreach Coordinator Ms. Priya Jaisankar talked about Youth Board projects, including Outreach Project and Walkathon. Explained the projects conducted by 3 VT Seva High School Clubs, including the new high school club established in 2023. Thanked all the youth volunteers and High School Club teams.

Please review the short video below on the key accomplishments.

VT Seva Detroit Sports Coordinator Mr. Suresh Rajan talked about various sports activities conducted throughout the year and thanked the participants.

VT Seva Detroit Digital library coordinator Ms. Asha Puranam explained about the Digital library project and thanked the contributors.

 VT Seva Detroit YB Director Ms. Nalini Aduri talked about Youth board Projects and thanked all the Youth volunteers, parents, and High School Club teams.

VT Seva Youth Board Parent and Volunteer Ms. Kanchana Perumalla spoke about Troy High School club activities and shared her reflections as a parent on how VT Seva shaped the high school club board members as leaders in the High School Club.

Youth EMCEES also shared presentations throughout the evening.

1.       Youth Empowerment Presentation - Oviya and Amogh

2.       Education Presentation - Sai & Abhi

3.       Health Care Presentation - Shreya & Veena

4.       Disaster Recovery Presentation - Shruthi & Kaustubh

In 2023, VT Seva Detroit Youth Board did a fantastic job serving the community and environment by participating in many volunteering events and raising money to support 50+ students' education through various summer camps and fundraising projects. They celebrated their 4th anniversary and had a party for the senior sendoff. A recap of their achievements in 2023 are

- 180+ Youth Volunteers

- 18 Projects

- 10 Youth-led Projects

- 3 High School Clubs

- 6 Environmental, 6 Community Service, 2 Health & 5 Education Projects

- 1000+ volunteer hours

- Raised $3600+ to support families impacted by cancer

- Raised nearly $25,000 through an outreach program to support Nethra Vidyalaya student's education

- Many students acquired leadership skills and felt confident

Please watch the video below to see the summary of Detroit Youth Board's accomplishments in 2023

 A few core members presented awards to all the performers and local volunteer team members. 

Rocking Dance and Awesome Vocal Performances:

We had a gala of professional teams and local talent throughout the evening that rocked the stage from classical to Bollywood fusion. Thanks for the Goose Bump performances by

  1. Nrithyapooja Dance Academy - Classical Dance

  2. Usha's Kuchipudi Dance Academy - Classical Dance

  3. Usha's Kuchipudi Dance Academy - Classical Dance

  4. Rhythm Arts Dance Academy Junior Team - Bollywood Dance

  5. Nrithyalaya School of Bharatanatyam - Bollywood Dance

  6. Swaravedika - Girls Group Song

  7. Smruti's Dancing Mist - Bollywood Fusion Dance

  8. Rhythm Arts Dance Academy (Pre Teens-Team) - Bollywood

  9. RVD - Bhangra by Jagtar Sohal team

  10. Manzat Special - Youth volunteer Abhinav & Team (University of Michigan Students)

  11. Rhythm Arts Dance Academy - Adult Group

  12. Swaravedika - Boys Group Song

VT Seva Detroit Team has introduced two new items this year.

Game-time by Ms. Keerthi Dingari & Electrifying open-floor Dandiya dance to engage the audience.

Mr. Srinath invited the PVSA and Jeeyar Award winners of 2022. Core members awarded them with medals and trophies.

Congratulations to all PVSA and Jeeyar Award winners.

No event is complete without delicious food and dance. After the dinner and other programs, the event concluded with an open-floor Dandiya Dance.

Thanks to the bighearted local restaurants below for sponsoring delicious food. Thanks to Mr. Sudhakar Kolluri for the advice to the food department.

Our dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly throughout the day to pick up food, load, unload, and set up the kitchen area to serve hot food for the RAAS attendees.

Kudos to everyone engaged in the end-to-end process, and thanks to all the volunteers for their services.

RAAS is the best example of this quote: "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." – H.E. Luccock.

Congratulations to all of you for making our annual event a successful one👏👏

It would not have been possible to conduct such a successful event without such a large group of our AMAZING, DEDICATED, and ENTHUSIASTIC volunteers:


All the below volunteers (adult and youth) did a terrific job in all the areas identified.

Thanks to all the unsung supporters for this great cause. It would not have been possible to pull off such a HUGE event without your constant support and help. 




Setup, Hall, Stage Décor, Photo booth Team

Akshay & Pratyusha

Kanchana Perumalla

Vanitha Gopalan

Suresh Rajan

Keerthysri Dingari

Srivardhan Dingari

Sony Devarashatty

Komathy Muhinthan

Neha Ved P

Jishnu Kandalam

Sai Sahasra Namuduri

Komathy Selvarajah

Hajanthan and Varshan

Kaustubh Dingari

Nikhil Aerabati

Hrudya Kishore

Usharani Ragothaman

Kirupali Sathyanathan

Kushi Kanumuri

Registration Desk Team

Anand Renganathan, Latha Nimmagadda , Jaisankar Kannan

Prisha Agarwal

Shivani Nimmagadda

Sreenika Perumalla

Program Coordination and Slide deck creation

Priya Jaisankar

Volunteers Coordination Team

Vanitha Gopalan

Neha Ved

Shraya Ved

Donation Forms Team

Jaisankar Kannan

Shreya Srivatsan

Saisha Srivatsan

Snack Serving Team

Sai Sahasra Namuduri

Rishabh Mavatoor

Pelon Lin

Hajanthan Muhinthan

Stage Assist Team

Mrudula Paturi & Kalyani Shetty

Sneha Chandrasekar

Projector setup and Support team

Santhosh & Sudheer Koppu

Sound System

Srinivas Raju and Viswa Teja (Lucky)

Presentation Team

Priya and Nalini

Kaavya & Harish

Game Organizers

Keerthi, Kanchana, Srilatha

Emcee Team

Arvind Narayanan

Oviya, Veena, Amogh, Shreya, Sai Sriram, Kausthubh, Abishristi & Shruthi

Gift Labelling Team

Pavani & friends

Photography and Video Recording Team

Santhosh & Nitin Prakruthi

Food pickup team

Raghunathan Namuduri Suresh Rajan Srivardhan Dingari Venkat Pisipati Chandrasekhar Jaisankar Kannan Kalyani Shetty Sreenivas Cheemalamarri Swaroop Kancharla Anand Renganathan Srilatha Kaparthi

Dinner Serving Team

Nandini Cheemalamarri

Vidhya Anand

Magesh Kumar

Chandru Srinivas

Pavani Namuduri

Architha Kramadati

Komathy Muhinthan

Keerthysri Dingari

Srivardhan Dingari

Asha Puranam

Jyothi Karnati

Sirisha Pratapa

Niveditha Mavatoor Swaroop Kancharla Srilatha Kaparthi

Kalki Renga Anand

Rishabh Mavatoor

Hajanthan and Varshan

Yathi Shekar Debbata

Swara Rege

Nikhil Aerabati

Hrudya Kishore

Aanya Janga

Sailaja Pochimreddy

Shreyas Posam

Dinner area Food trays & Crowd control Supervisors Team

Suresh Rajan

Vanitha Gopalan

Sreenivas Cheemalamarri

Venkat Pisipati


Vijay Perumalla

Dinner Area Backup Helpers

Sai Sahasra Namuduri

Akshitha Narla

Diya Harsha

Ritvik Harsha

Kushi Kanumuri

Anirvin Ramanan

Clean up activities

The entire Core team with their families and kids

Social Media Updates

Nandini Cheemalamarri

Our sincere appreciation and thanks to:

  • NRIVA team, Bhavya's team, Detroit Telangana Club, and Destined for Greatness - Ford Wellness Center, President Shadora Ford for gracing the event.

  • Shadora Ford for the Chrome book donation to the visually challenged student.

This was one of the best events we ever had. Thanks to all event sponsors, donors, supporters, guests, and volunteers who helped make this event successful.

Finally, many thanks to Mr. Srinath & Mr. Sudheer for your leadership.

For more pictures, please check out this link, like and share


Watch the RAAS video recording

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For other events and activities from Detroit, please visit

Photos compiled by Teja and Arya Cheemalamarri (VT Seva Detroit YB members)



Blog created and published by

Nandini Cheemalamarri (VT Seva Detroit Communications Director)

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