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VT Seva Detroit and Youth Board 3rd Quarter Newsletter - (July-September) 2023

Over the third quarter of 2023 (July to September) VT Seva volunteers have made an astounding impact. Through participating in 13 projects overall, they have helped our community and beyond. Each of these projects were unique and allowed volunteers to help a noble cause. These projects ranged from cleaning up a road to hosting a volleyball and throwball tournament, to help their community and underprivileged and tribal students in India in many different ways. Below are the projects we have done from July to September this quarter:

Youth Board Projects:

  1. Third Annual Walkathon - July 16

  2. Tribute to Bharath - August 15

  3. #Boundless Event - August 19

  4. Tennis Tournament - August 27

  5. Essential Workers Appreciation - September 4

  6. Adopt a Road Clean-up - September 10

  7. Car Wash - September 16

Detroit Projects:

  1. Food Gatherers - July 8

  2. Packing Hygiene Kits - July 22

  3. Fleece and Thank You - August 5

  4. Clean Love Project - August 26

  5. Volleyball and Throwball Tournament - September 16

  6. Novi Fire Department Appreciation Lunch - September 30

Please click here for the video of all projects in 3rd quarter

7/8/2023 - Food Gatherers

Volunteers sorted 810 pounds of food into good and bad produce during this event. They then packed this food into boxes and cleaned up the facility. This food was distributed to 150 organizations that supply different food pantries at Food Gatherers in Ann Arbor, MI.

Youth Volunteers:

Jishnu Kandalam, Aditi Jethri Kompally, Akshith Aswanth, Kushal Durga, Deekshitha Ravu, Shraya Ved, and Akshitha Narla

Adult Volunteers:

Vandana Durga, Vanitha Gopalan, Neha Ved, Ranga Rao Ravu, and Srinivas Narla

7/16/2023 - Walkathon

This annual walkathon supported Angels of Hope, a family cancer foundation that supports Michigan families affected by cancer, and it lasted 30 days, from June 16 to July 16, 2023. With 213 participants, our 43 teams walked for more than 7700 hours and raised more than $3600.

For more info, please visit our Blog

7/22/2023 - Packing Hygiene Kits

On July 22nd, our volunteers helped pack dental care kits at Say Detroit and Detroit Goodfellows for Detroit school children. We packed more than 4,000 dental care kits in just 3 hours, with another 4,000 clear plastic bags also prepped by our volunteers. Say Detroit has even published an article mentioning VT Seva Detroit to appreciate our volunteers' efforts during this event.

Youth Volunteers:

Hajanthan, Varshan, Akshitha, Saisha, Shruthi, Kirupali, and Sanjith

Adult Volunteers:

Suresh Rajan, Komathy Muhinthan, Srinivas Narla, Srivatsan Santhanam, Durga Nalini, Vijayakumar, Sathyanathan Vilvanathan, and Vanitha Gopalan

8/5/2023 - Fleece and Thank You

Detroit Volunteers helped make over 150 blankets for children in Michigan hospitals who are facing long-term stays. The goal of Fleece and Thank You is to provide every child in Michigan hospitals with a warm blanket and a message from its maker. VT Seva helped by doing their part in this goal.

Youth Volunteers:

Shravya Ved, Kirupali Sathyanathan, Shreya Srivatsan, Saisha Srivatsan, Eashan Daram, Niran Daram, Amogh Mavatoor, Rishabh Mavatoor, Sanjith Vijayakumar, and Shruthi Adduri

Adult Volunteers:

Suresh Rajan, Neha Ved, Vijayakumar, Manisha Daram, Sathyanathan Vilvanathan, and Vanitha Gopalan

8/15/2023 - Tribute to Bharath

For this project, 28 Detroit youths and 19 Maryland youths came together to create 28 posters to highlight the beauty of the different states of our motherland, India. Through these posters, people got to know about the diversity, history, and uniqueness of each of the different states of India to celebrate Independence Day on August 15.

8/19/2023 - #Boundless Event

"Detroit Youth team member Oviya JaiSankar represented the celebration of the amazing #Boundless national youth led event, where VT Seva youth from across different states joined in celebrating 2022 VT Seva achievements.”

For more info, please visit our Facebook page.

8/26/2023 - Clean Love Project

For this event, VT Seva Detroit partnered with the Clean Love Project, an organization whose mission is to help women feel clean, loved, and empowered by distributing Clean Love Hygiene kits. To help support this mission, VT Seva volunteers worked tirelessly to assemble 1,500 hygiene kits to distribute to Detroit school children. Through their efforts, 1,500 lives were positively impacted.

Youth Volunteers:

Shruthi Adduri, Saisha Srivatsan, Shreya Srivatsan, Krithi Alugoti, Sai Sahasra Namudiri, Rishabh Mavatoor, Varun Brijesh, and Sanjith Vijayakumar

Adult Volunteers:

Jayashree Brijesh, Durga Nalini, Nirmala Srivatsan, Raghunath Namudiri, Vijayakumar, Kalpana Vijayakumar, and Vanitha Gopalan

For more info, please visit our Facebook page

8/27/2023 - Tennis Tournament

This was the first-ever tennis tournament organized by the Troy VT Seva youth volunteers. The funds from this tournament can support the education of almost 6 kids. The Troy High School clubs came together for this astounding event.

For more info, please visit our Facebook page

9/4/2023 - Essential Workers Appreciation

To celebrate Labor Day this year, our youth volunteers showed their appreciation to essential workers and helped bring a smile to many of their faces. The beautiful handwritten cards that they made were given to firefighters, police, nurses, trash crew, postal workers, school janitors, custodians, school lunch ladies, grocery store workers, drivers, and vegetable vendors.

Youth Volunteers:

Aanya J, Abhiram, Adithi, Chinmay, Hajanthan, Hiba, Hrudya, Lalitaditya, Nidhi, Oviya, Pelon, Prajwal, Rachana, Rakshan, Rishabh, Sai Sriram, Sai Sahasra, Sathvik, Shraya V, Shreya S, Shruthi, Sneha A, Swara R, and Varshan

For more info, please visit our Facebook page

9/10/2023 - Adopt a Road Clean Up

VT Seva Detroit once again returned to clean up the stretch of road between 8 Mile and Haggerty, a road adopted by VT Seva. Our volunteers picked up trash, tire scraps, bottles, etc. along the way.

Youth Volunteers:

Hrudya Kishore, Jishnu Kandalam, Kaustubh Dingari, Rishi Adduri, Sai Sahasra Namuduri, Sai Sri Ram Karnati, Shraya Ved, Shreya Shetty, and Shruthi Adduri

Adult Volunteers:

Nalini Sangita, Neha Ved, Pavani Namuduri, Shreya Srivatsan, Srinathbabu Karnati, Srivardhan Dingari, Vanitha Gopalan, Vijay Kandalam, and Srivatsan

9/16/2023 - Volleyball and Throwball Tournament

This was an amazing close-out to the last sporting event held by VT Seva Detroit for 2023. These funds were enough to support the education of 7 visually challenged children. It was a great tournament for everyone involved!

9/16/2023 - Car Wash

VT Seva Detroit held its first-ever car wash to help support Nethra Vidyalaya students and Tribal students. They persuaded complete strangers to drop by and get their cars washed for a good cause. Together, we raised money to support almost two students.

Youth Volunteers:

Hajanthan, Varshan, Jishnu, Lalitaditya, Aditya, Shraya, Hrudya, Amogh, Rishi C, and Shruthi

Adult Volunteers:

Komathy, Muhinthan, Chintan, and Nalini

For more info, please visit our Facebook page

9/30/2023 - Novi Fire Department Appreciation Lunch

During this event, VT Seva Detroit organized an Appreciation Lunch for the Novi Fire Department. Following the lunch, they got a tour of the station from the firefighters onsite: Captain Seog, Firefighter Sentz, Firefighter Marshall, Firefighter Farahani, Firefighter Gora, Firefighter O’Neill, and Firefighter Lis. This tour explained the daily life of a firefighter and consisted of many tools, medical equipment, detectors, and other essential components of the 3 Firetrucks and the SUV. Along with that, we witnessed personally how one of the teams handled an emergency while on the tour. In response to the incoming 911 call, one of the Units left in a matter of seconds to help someone who had been in an accident inside the city limits. The EMT, firetruck, and captain all left as soon as they received the call. It showed how hard they work to keep our community safe.

Youth Volunteers:

Sai Karnati, Amogh Mavatoor, Rishabh Mavatoor, Varshini Barla, Hrudya Kishore, Nikhil Aerabati, Kaustabh Dingari, Hajanthan Muhinthan, Adithi Esarla, Yathi Debbata, Nimish Debbata, Nidhi Rao, Neha Rao, and Rakshan Samyanthan

Adult Volunteers:

Srinath Karnati, Sudheer Koppu, Srivardhan Dingari, Komathy Muhinthan, Maithreyi Rao, Manjunath Rao, Pushpa Esarla, Samyanthan T, Suresh Rajan, and Vanitha Gopalan

For more info, please visit our Facebook page

Blog Compiled by: Shreya Shetty

Video Compiled by: Anirvin Ramanan

Blog Published by: Nandini Cheemalamarri

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