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VT Seva Detroit First ever Tennis Tournament coordinated by Youth volunteers

VT Seva Detroit First ever Tennis Tournament coordinated by Youth volunteers :

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Amitesh and Aishani -

We, Amitesh Gargapati and Aishani Gargapati, Youth Volunteers of the VT Seva Detroit Branch, are honored to be a part of the VT Seva Organization. We are greatly blessed with the guidance provided by VT Seva CEO HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, whose valuable mission is to support the underserved in all walks of life for a human cause. Through the motivation of our VT Seva Detroit Branch Director, Mr. Sudheer Koppu, we have extended this opportunity to conduct the first VT Seva Tennis Tournament on June 22, 2019 where 100 percent of the proceeds go to VT Seva Health Pillar - cancer awareness and prevention camps and patients suffering from cancer. We believed that hosting this VT Seva Tennis Tournament for youth and adults would not only involve large collaboration within numerous communities but also further VT Seva's mission to conduct an event for an impactful cause.

Meticulously planning and preparing for this tournament from March of 2019, we initiated this event that contained participation of more than 30 teenagers, adults, and youth participants. Thank you so much to our parents Siva Gargapati and Prema Gargapati, our mentors, the tennis participants, parents, and youth volunteers, who have helped us make this event successful and memorable. With the strong support of the VT Seva Organization, we are greatly looking forward to conducting many more community events in the future. Through this event, we have learned that small acts of kindness can significantly contribute to many diverse communities.

-Aishani and Amitesh Gargapati

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