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VT Seva Earth Day Science Fair - 2023

Are you ready to showcase your innovative and creative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet? If so, come join us at Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple on April 30th as we celebrate our VT Seva Annual Earth Day Science Fair! Winners of the competition will be announced on the day of the event!!

Pick your topic from the following list of themes.

The Earth Day Science Fair is for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Theme options for Science Fair Submissions are:

1. Water and Energy Resource Conservation

2. Recycle / Upcycle

3. Organic Farming

4. Climate Change & Global Warming

The possible formats for Kindergarten through 5th Grade submissions are:

1. Costume with Slogan

2. Poster

3. Experiment

The possible formats for Middle School & High School are:

1. Experiment (for Middle School only)

2. Power Point Presentation

3. Short Film

Rules for Short film

a. Time duration for the event is minimum 5 minutes to 7 mins max.

b. If uploading ahead of time, please submit by April 29th 11:59pm CST.

c. Credit goes to the creator and not the characters in the film.

d. The film should introduce the topic and the maker of the film.

e. Film must be original.

Students of all ages are welcome to join and will have the opportunity to win prizes and most importantly learn many new earth day-related things!

Come join us at Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple and work towards and more sustainable future! Go green and live clean!! To register, please click here.

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