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VTSeva Austin Earth Day

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

"Every day is an Earth day and Every day is Mothers day" for VTSeva volunteers.

VTSeva Austin will be celebrating 2nd annual Earth day at Veteran Memorial Park.

on Apr 22nd - 8:30-10:30am

It was a amazing experience and great efforts shown by our VTSeva adult and youth volunteers for the earth day celebrations.

Our volunteers have been serving the earth through out the year with multiple environment protection activities.

Adopt-A-Park :

Over the year, volunteers have done park clean up to make it beautiful and enjoyable by the neighborhoods around.

Seeds For Tomorrow :

With the "Seeds for tomorrow" initiative growing plants and teaching kids to grow plants in their backyards.

Earth Day :

On Earth day VTSeva volunteered at city community gardens in various activities.

Cleaning up the compost pile and made it useful with out disturbing the habitats there.

During the event volunteers have learnt tips on growing different vegetables, composting tips.

It was wonderful families joining and seniors volunteering too.

Some pictures and a appreciation video from city parks and recreation departments for the VTSeva service over the years

Earth day Pictures.

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