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VTSeva Austin partners with ATS

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

On behalf of VTSEVA Austin, we take great pleasure to express our gratitude to Austin Tamil Sangam for recognizing VTSEVA with the community service endowment award and donation for one of our pillars (Education to Visually challenged).

We are inspired and boosted by this recognition. A community is only as strong as its people. We recognize the importance of partnership with esteemed organizations like Austin Tamil Sangam to bring the community together and create awareness about causes that serve the communities in need.

VT Seva organization and the thousands of volunteers aim to help rebuild and restructure the underprivileged and underserved communities. Along with tireless community service in each location, our focus lies in providing free quality education, food for underprivileged tribal students and visually challenged, conducting free cancer screening, medical camps, and providing relief efforts when natural disaster strikes.

ATS support for Netra Vidyalaya will go a long way in providing encouragement to the day-day operations. Netra Vidyalaya focuses on providing VALUE BASED quality education, technology assisted learning, self-reliant lifestyle to those leaders of tomorrow.

“Their eyes cannot see, but they have a great vision” - VT Seva founder

We are excited about this partnership and invite you to participate in all VTSEVA Austin’s service causes and events. Likewise, we would like to be a part of all Austin Tamil Sangam celebrations and community events.

VTSEVA Austin provides volunteer opportunities for school aged kids and their families.

Together, we can instill a service spirit in young minds and to live a life of purpose from a very young age.

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