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Let's Make a Difference in the Lives of the Blind & Visually Challenged Kids!

SUBHA 2022

"You have right to action, but never to the fruits of action, so do not do action for the sake of fruit, nor be attached to work." - Bhagavad Gita (Chapter II, Verse 47). Atlanta VT team embodies action-oriented approach with service mindset and humble attitude to inspire and empower our youths to be the servant leaders of tomorrow through our Subha Annual event! The word 'Subha' represents the first ray of light in the horizon, the light that slowly transforms even the darkest of nights into a bright, beautiful sunrise. It symbolizes hope, light, and happiness even in the most obscure and difficult times. The VT Seva Atlanta team aimed to spread this light into the lives of 125 visually challenged children of Nethra Vidyalaya in India, with our Subha program.

With Swamiji blessings, SUBHA 2nd annual event was a success in terms of maximum youth participation, richness in the cultural program, funds raised for the Nethra Jewels, and promoting diversity and inclusion. We are able to accomplish our goal of raising funds for approximately 125 Nethra kids with your immense Grace and generous support of our donors. In this Subha event, we had support from many new Atlanta volunteers both youths and adults and at present we have more than 500 plus volunteers in Atlanta VT and Jet family. Unique to Atlanta is the establishment of 5 VT Seva Youth Clubs in 5 High schools: Lambert, Denmark, Northview, Alliance Academy, and Alpharetta Highschool which are promoting diversity and inclusion and inspiring young hearts for the selfless service to all beings.

The SUBHA annual event was organized on Dec 3rd, 2022, in which Atlanta youths presented a cultural program comprising of melodious songs, magnificent dances, and meaningful messages. Our Chief Guests were Sargent Seamore from Johns Creek Police Department, Dana Reynolds and Donaldson from Laurel Heights Hospital Business Development Team, and Dr. Praveen Gudipati from Cumming Dental. The program commenced by lighting an auspicious lamp and prayer recitation. Next, were the American and Indian National Anthems by our youths. Subsequently, was a welcome speech by Madhu Nemani, VT Seva Director expressing her sincere gratitude to Swamiji for bestowing us with this opportunity to organize Subha and carryout HIS VISION and MISSION in Atlanta. She also welcomed all the Chief guests, Jet and Prajna coordinators, sponsors, and all the children, youths, and adults of VT Seva and Jet Atlanta teams. She shared her first-hand experience of visiting Varija Ashram in Visakhapatanam in July 2022 and how the funds raised has positively impacted the lives of the visually challenged and assisted them in becoming self reliant.  

Thereafter, was a stellar presentation ‘Alone we can’t Together we CAN’ by Hithesh Gazzalaji and Anuradha Gazzalaji in which they presented the highlights of Atlanta’s year-round volunteer works in the field of educational, environmental, disaster relief, healthcare and its impact on the Atlanta community. This presentation touched the hearts of all and motivated all to do more and do better in 2023 and thereafter. Hitheshji also shared his reason for joining VT Seva as he was challenged himself in childhood and how he has overcome his challenges with good education and now is self-reliant and independent.  


Next, was an Indian Kucchipudi dance by Prajna children which was followed by ‘Unity in Diversity’ our star performance in which 5 VT Seva Youth Club members participated - Lambert high school, Denmark high school, Northview high school, Alliance academy, and Alpharetta high school. They exhibited the real unity in diversity by portraying a beautiful action song on ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’. This song presented the rich Indian heritage, its culture, all-embracing confluence of religions, traditions, and customs. Our 5 club youth club members beautifully exhibited the Indian patriotic spirit and its treasure - the rich soil, the art, the dance, the music, the culture, the flora and fauna, the value-based education, and the Indian legacy. In brief, it’s a look and taste of India in every aspect. Thereafter Atlanta youths presented Bollywood dances, Indian classical songs, and Instrumental music performances which created an aura of celebration and commemoration for all.


Afterwards, our Chief guests rendered their inspirational speeches in which they highly praised the exemplary volunteer works that our VT Seva youths have done this year, their selfless service, its positive impact on the Atlanta community, donations raised, and stellar cultural program. We’ll work hand-in-hand with the John’s Creek police officers to make this place safe for all and Serve All Beings As Service To God. Later, momentous were given to the Chief guests, sponsors, VT Seva children, and volunteers. In the end, VT Seva Director appreciated the hard work, dedication, and selfless service of the entire Atlanta team. She also sincerely thanked all the donors for their generous contributions for the noble cause. Overall, Subha 2022 was very rewarding and gratifying experience for us. The delightful dances, the meaningful messages, and the soulful songs together created a memorable and treasured afternoon for all.  


Dr. Madhu Nemani

On behalf of VT Seva & Jet Atlanta Team

VT Seva Atlanta's goal for this year is to support the education of 125 Visually Challenged / Blind students.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart - Helen Keller

The Atlanta VT Seva team wishes to see the unseen, touch the untouched, and feel inexpressible joy and happiness by organizing our SUBHA annual event. What is SUBHA? The word 'SUBHA' represents the first ray of light in the horizon, the light that slowly transforms even the darkest of nights into a bright, beautiful sunrise. It symbolizes hope, light, and happiness even in the most obscure and difficult times. The Atlanta team has been spearheading this light into the lives of the special-needs children of Laurel Heights Hospital in Atlanta and the visually challenged / blind children of Nethra Vidyalaya in India with our Subha program.

Atlanta VT Seva youth believes that one can go as far as he wants with education. She has donated her tutoring allowance to go to the right cause - Education For All

You can also be part of this Giving gesture.

Your act of giving will illuminate the lives of visually challenged - bringing ‘SUBHA’ (Light, Hope & Happiness) in their lives.

We can all be SUBHA for someone else today!

Optionally you can also donate through Zelle.

Mark your Zelle payments to

Please add a note stating the cause, "VT Seva Atlanta Subha 2022".


Because of your generous support in 2021, we could make a positive impact on 100 blind / visually challenged kids of Nethra Vidyalaya.

Supriya, a 7th grade student of the Nethra Vidyalaya appreciates your generous donation. Her ambition is to become IAS officer. She cannot see but has a Vision. Let’s help her & other Nethra kids to realize their Dreams!

Nimisha, an English Teacher of the Nethra Vidyalaya is blessed to be part of this institution. She is giving her Best for the education of blind / visually challenged. Let’s open our hearts & wallets and give our best also to make these kids self reliant & independent!

Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Message from the CEO of Laurel Heights Hospital - Corey Jackson

Join Atlanta VT Seva Volunteers Group!

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