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SUBHA Atlanta Annual Event - Dec 4th, 2021

In the words of Hellen Keller, “There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark.” The Atlanta VT Seva team aspired to emulate these immortal words of Hellen Keller through our Subha annual event. The word 'Subha' represents the first ray of light in the horizon, the light that slowly transforms even the darkest of nights into a bright, beautiful sunrise. It symbolizes hope, light, and happiness even in the most obscure and difficult times. The Atlanta team aimed to spread this light into the lives of the special-needs children of Laurel Heights Hospital in Atlanta and the visually challenged children of Nethra Vidyalaya in India, with our Subha program.

The Annual event was organized on Dec 4th, 2021 in which Atlanta youth presented a cultural program comprising of a Subha skit, instrumental compositions, Indian classical songs, and a variety of Indian classical dances, such as Kuchipudi, Bhangara, and Bollywood. The program commenced with the Chief Guest, Corey Jackson from Laurel Heights hospital, lighting an auspicious lamp and Naimisha Kodali, the emcee, reciting a prayer. This was followed by the American and Indian National Anthems sung by VT Seva youth and a welcome speech from Naimisha. After this, the Atlanta VT Seva Director, Dr. Madhu Nemani thanked Swami ji for the Subha blessings and welcomed the chief guest, Jet & Prajna coordinators, other esteemed members (Dr. Smitha Batulla and Sonia Rice from Laurel Heights, Nazeera Da, and City Council member Dilip Tunki), and all the kindhearted volunteers. She addressed the significance of Subha and how it will impact the lives of the Blind/Visually Challenged kids of Nethra Vidyalaya. Subsequently, VT Seva Mission and Vision was presented, which was followed by a classical song and 3 instrumental songs performed by the VT Seva youth.

Next, the Atlanta Branch VT Seva 2021 initiatives were presented by Hithesh Gazzala (Communication Lead) and Anuradha Gazzala (VT Seva Treasurer). Their presentation highlighted the April Cool environmental project, the mask making project for Laurel Heights Hospital in which over 10,000 masks were made, a summer camp in which VT youth were the tutors and raised money for the covid relief fund, healthcare webinars, participation in the American Heart Walk, Halloween candy drive for US troops, the creation of VT Seva Lambert school club, and many more projects/activities. This was followed by a Subha skit presented by the Lambert VT Seva youth. In this skit, they demonstrated how their mask-making project has impacted the lives of special-needs kids at the Atlanta Laurel Heights Hospital and how their efforts helped in raising $2000 to support the education of the visually challenged kids in India.

Afterwards, there was a thrilling Bhangra dance performance by Kishan’s Bhangra group, followed by a Bollywood dance on “Taare Zameen Par '' by Shiv’s Dance Institute. Next, Revathi Dance School fused both Indian and Spanish styles and performed kuchipudi on the famous hit, “Despacito.” This was followed by a solo bharatanatyam dance by a VT youth. Next, the VT Seva Director recognized all the contributions from the supporters and sponsors. She appreciated the Gold sponsorship by the Laurel Heights and presented a memento to the Chief guest, Corey Jackson, Dr. Smitha Batulla, and Sonia Rice. She also recognized the Silver sponsors: Somireddy Law Group, SLR Mortgage, AHP Real Estate Ventures, and Prism IT, with mementos for their generous support. Mr. Corey recognized all the children who have stitched the masks for the Special Needs Kids of Laurel Heights by providing them a certificate. Later, all cultural participants were also acknowledged by Dr. Madhu for their excellent cultural performance and outstanding contribution. Afterwards, 3 amazing classical Indian dance performances were presented by Atlanta youth. Last but not the least, Dr. Madhu appreciated the hard work of all the Atlanta team members consisting of decoration team, tech support, food team, backstage, registration, cleanup, cultural, and all the selfless Seva volunteers.

Overall, this function was quite literally an illuminating experience! The delightful dances, the meaningful messages, and the soulful songs together created an unforgettable afternoon. It was so heartwarming to see all the support, not only from the performers, but from the entire community! The Atlanta VT Seva team thanks everyone who supported their cause from the bottom of their heart. In the words of Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus: “Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.” The empathetic and sincere efforts of the Atlanta VT Seva team has illuminated the lives of 100 plus special-needs/visually challenged kids by donating 10,000 masks to the special-needs and raising funds for the education of 100 visually challenged. We will continue to do our part right with Swami Ji’s Blessings and spread the joy & happiness of Subha in years to come.

---- Atlanta VT Seva Team

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

We believe in positivism and humanism in the midst of the pandemic landscape. The path we have taken to accomplish this goal is to engage Atlanta youth and adults productively in preparations and presentation of our Annual event - ‘SUBHA’. In this event, Atlanta youth will present a cultural program and exhibit their contribution towards impacting the lives of Special Needs Kids (Visually Challenged) and support environmental sustainability. Because of these encouraging gestures by Atlanta youth for years, many kind hearts & philanthropists have responded positively by donating their money, time, and efforts to support the cause wholeheartedly.

You can also be part of this Giving gesture. Your act of giving will illuminate the lives of visually challenged - bringing ‘SUBHA’ (Light, Hope & Happiness) in their lives.

We can all be SUBHA for someone else today!

VT Seva Atlanta's goal for this year is to support the education of 100 Visually Challenged students.

Our goal for this year is to support the education of 100 Visually Challenged students.

Optionally you can also donate through Zelle. Please login into your bank portal, then choose Zelle payments and send your chosen donation to Please add a note stating the cause, "VT Seva Atlanta Subha 2021". Thanks!

We welcome you to be part of our vibrant team to join our ongoing fun volunteering activities and to make our First Annual Event - Subha a grand success.

For anymore questions, please reach out to or 404-819-8623.


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