VT Seva stands for volunteering together for service.  We have thousands of volunteers across USA (youth and adults) who participate in community activities, environmental causes, along with supporting visually challenged and tribal schools.
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Director: Archana Bindu

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At VT Seva location, we have multiple volunteering opportunities.  
Youth volunteers can participate in the volunteering events and if interested can accumulate hours towards President's Volunteer service awards. Rules apply. Please check out link for additional details.
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2020 was a difficult year, though we managed few events. Checkout below

Environmental Services Street Cleanup

For VT Seva Bay Area’s March Environmental Services event, youth volunteers had a street cleanup activity. For this activity volunteers would pick up trash, litter, and junk. The hard work from these volunteers keeps our streets clean!


Environmental Services Group Street Cleanup

In the month of March, VT Seva Bay Area’s Environmental Services had its first group street cleanup! A maximum of 6 youth volunteers had the opportunity to safely meet at a park and clean it up. The volunteers kept our parks and playgrounds clean for kids to play!


Environmental-Services Youth Climate Action Summit

VT Seva Bay Area had its first Youth Climate Action Summit in the month of March. During these summits volunteers learned about different topics such as “Work in STEM, Save the Planet” or “Leadership Lab: Clean Solutions” and much more! As volunteers attended thes webinars they were required to take notes of the presentation and think about how they can help others with this information!


Environmental-Services Compost Gardening Activity

VT Seva Bay Area had its first compost gardening activity in the month of March. Our volunteers composted things like apple cores, Lettuce, Cardboard, paper bags and much more! Towards the end of the month volunteers sent pictures of how their compost had been going, through this, volunteers also learned the environmental benefit and impact of composting!


Human Services - Letters to Seniors

VT Seva Bay Area had its monthly Letters to Seniors activity. Volunteers each wrote friendly, engaging, and positive letters to keep a senior engaged! Another great achievement this month, a grand total of 100 letters were mailed this month!


Human Services - Sandwich Making

VT Seva Bay Area’s Human Services branch conducted it’s monthly Sandwich Making activity on March 28. A total of 5 youth volunteers made a total of 50 sandwiches that were later delivered to a family housing shelter. Our volunteers worked hard to full stomachs of the less fortunate!


Health Services - Webinar 1

VT Seva Bay Area had its bi-monthly Health Services Webinar in March, for the first one, volunteers learned the importance of cardiovascular health through...Dance! Our volunteers had a fun and entertaining workout session with Bombay Jam!


Health Services - Webinar 2

VT Seva Bay Area had its bi-monthly Health Services Webinar in March, for the second one, volunteers learned the importance of organ donation. Our volunteers had an informative session and q&a with Doctor Vineeta Kumar, MD, learning different facts about our organs!


Street Cleanup

For the month of February, VT Seva Bay Area’s Environmental Services had it’s monthly street cleanup. Youth volunteers cleaned local streets and parks of trash or litter, working to keep our cities clean!You can also check out our instagram - @vtsbayarea for more pictures!


Our City Forest

VT Seva Bay Area had its first “Our City Forest” event in the month of February. A total of 6 youth volunteers went to a local nursery to plant, make soil, pluck weeds and learn the impact of their work!You can also check out our instagram - @vtsbayarea for more pictures!


Letters to Seniors

For the month of February VT Seva’s human services branch with a total of 24 youth volunteers wrote 96 letters in all to senior citizens. The letters were each nicely decorated and written to entertain friendly seniors! You can also check out our instagram - @vtsbayarea for more pictures!


Health Services Webinar

For VT Seva Bay Area’s second informative Webinar youth volunteers got an in - depth view of mental health. The session started off with a discussion about the effects and importance of mental health followed by a Q&A! You can also check out our instagram - @vtsbayarea for more pictures!


Health Services Webinar

VT Seva Bay Area kicked off it’s first Health Services event with an informative Webinar on yoga. Youth volunteers first learned the benefits of yoga, followed by a brief stretch session, and ending with a Q&A! You can also check out our instagram - @vtsbayarea for more pictures!


Sandwich Making

For February’s Sandwich Making activity VT Seva Bay Area had 4 youth volunteers accumulating a total of 6 hours. The sandwiches made were later delivered to the homeless shelter and were served for lunch! You can also check out our instagram - @vtsbayarea for more pictures!


Letters to Seniors

VT Seva Bay Area had its first letters to seniors in January of 2021. Youth volunteers each designed and wrote cards to senior citizens. All consisted of thoughtful notes, questions, and words to keep a friend engaged!


Sandwiches for Homeless Shelter

For VT seva Bay Area’s human services department, we started the month strong with sandwich making. Volunteers would make sandwiches at home that later would be brought to the homeless shelter for lunch!


Street cleanup

VT Seva Bay Area kicked off its first environmental services event with a Street Cleanup. Youth volunteers picked a local street to pick up trash, litter, and waste. Volunteers worked hard to keep our streets clean!


Bayarea Run for Education

Make a difference while social distancing! Get involved in the VTS Run for Education with your friends and family.


VTS Bay Area - Tree planting event at City forest

We plant nearly 25-30 trees every month in the city of San Jose by working with City Forest Nursery. Great experience to learn how to plant trees with specific instructions from the trained professional at City Forest.


VTS Bayarea FCSN - Event

We help out at the Friends of Children with special needs every month. Each of our volunteers are tagged with one autistic child to be with them for 3-4 hours. We spend quality time with the children to teach them arts, crafts and sometimes play music together. We play games with them too.


VTS Bay Area - Monthly Burrito event

Bayarea youth volunteers every month to provide food for San Jose homeless shelters.


VTS Bay Area - East Valley - Living Arroyos conservation program

Bayarea collaborates with East Valley conservation program to restore historical national park.


VTS BayArea - FCSN Event

Monthly event to help out autistic kids with arts, crafts and music.


VTS Bay Area Adopt a Street

Bay Area Monthly Street cleaning event. We have been successfully working on the same street for the past two years.


VT Seva South Bay Adopt a street event

Monthly street cleaning in Sunnyvale.


Stanford Conservation Program

VT Seva Bay Area Environmental awareness program - On Jan 25th 2020, Worked with Stanford conservation program to plant native species. 13 Volunteers pariticipated and it was a great experience- Kudos to all volunteers and parents


VT Seva Bay Area Environmental Awareness Program

VT Seva as part of Environmental Protection collaborated with Fremont Environmental program to clean the conservation park near Paseo Padre pkwy. 16 volunteers participated and planted saplings, helped with mulching, cleaned the weeds and uprooted dead trees.


Bayarea PVSA - 2nd annual awards ceremony

Bayarea celebrated 2nd annual PVSA awards ceremony. The youth volunteers received 9 Gold, 3 Silver and 12 Bronze awards. The awards are based on age of volunteers and number of hours they put in volunteering. Additional information can be found here.


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VT Seva appreciates your help coming from your heart for giving to your causes. Volunteers of VT Seva ensure every penny goes to the causes you supported


You can volunteer with us at your location and provide community service


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VT Seva (Volunteering Together for Service) is a volunteer driven global non profit organization. It was registered as 501(C)3 non-profit organization in USA in 2008. It's Sister Organization ‘Vikasa Tarangini ’(VT) established in India in 1992 has been rendering yeoman services with more than 75,000 active volunteers. It is also active in England, Australia and Tanzania.

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