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VT Seva Cary is Celebrating Mom

VT-Seva Cary is Celebrating Mom!

"Honor Your Mom on this Mother's Day by helping other Moms in need".

Due to lack of awareness and unavailability of regular medical checkups, Rural/Tribal women are at the Health risk. With your support, we can spread awareness and provide access to the health care for as many as possible.

Our recently acquired medical mobile screening van, is coming in very handy in taking care of the cancer screening & health check up in rural/tribal India.

By donating $20, You can sponsor a screening kit and celebrate mother's day in a special way.

Lets lend a helping hand to a mother in need! After all, Motherhood is universal!

Lets pay back for the selfless care she provides!

Please contact Sowjanya Thungathurti on 408-913-3373 for further information.

Thank you for all your support, together we can make some difference on the Rural Women health.

Prajna & VT-Seva, Cary.

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