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VTS Charlotte - Prerana 2023

VT Seva Charlotte is excited to host our annual event Prerana 2023 on December 10th at Hindu Center. Proceeds will benefit Netra Vidyalaya, a school for visually challenged children in India, and the tribal school students. Join us to have fun and support underprivileged students' education

VTS Charlotte Table Tennis Tournament

VTS Charlotte is organizing a Table Tennis tournament, on Dec 16, 2023, from 09:30 AM in Elon Recreation Center. Proceeds from this tournament will go to schools in India for visually challenged children. VT Seva supports Schools for the Blind in India such as Nethra Vidyalaya. These schools provide higher education to visually challenged students and enable them to be independent and compete with other students.

Change a life today

Get involved with VT Seva and change a life today. Volunteer, contribute to the community you live in.

About our branch

At VT Seva location, we have multiple volunteering opportunities as listed below. ​ Youth volunteers can participate in the volunteering events and if interested can accumulate hours towards President's Volunteer service awards. Rules apply. Please check out link for additional details. ​ Please contact me for additional information.


Join our events.  Volunteers at our branch make tremendous efforts to make them successful. Your support drives them.Subscribe below to know about upcoming events in your area.

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Dec 16, 2023

VTS Charlotte Table Tennis Tournament

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VT Seva Digital Library for Blind and Print Disabled

An initiative to convert books and print material into digital content that can be accessed by the blind and visually challenged indviduals.

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Dec 10, 2023

VTS Charolotte - Prerana 2023

VT Seva Charlotte is excited to host our annual event Prerana 2023 on December 10th at Hindu Center.

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Charlotte Current & Upcoming Events

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Meet your team

Meet your team at our location. Connect with them for any questions.  

Kalpana Nellutla



Alone we cannot, together we can


 ways to you can help to continue the impact


Donate towards Visually challenged childrens education



Donate towards free education for under previledged children



Join all our events near you



Feed the students for your special date and ocassion

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Start your own fund raiser

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Youth  - join us for leadership and volunteering activities. VT SEVA is a registered organization to administer presidents volunteer service awards (PVSA)



Adults - join us to volunteer and help with events. We are always looking for new skills and support



Read our inspiring articles about our events, other experiences by our volunteers

A decade of Service
Learn about VT Seva and how through years,  your support has helped the community you live in.  Lets continue this support.  

Past events

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Year end giving is a powerful way to make a difference. Contribute today and enjoy tax benefits. 

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