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VT SEVA Charlotte’s 2nd Annual event PRERANA 2019

VT SEVA Charlotte celebrated 2nd annual music and dance festival PRERANA 2019 on Saturday, April 20th, 2018 from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Preparation for the event started a few weeks ago with about 50 youth volunteers participating in weekly meetings planning for the event. Team reached out to potential sponsors, donors in the community explaining the mission of VT SEVA, the goal of PRERANA 2019. The team divided the tasks to be done at the event among themselves, came up with the plan of execution and rundown of the events.

The youth team divided themselves into groups of MCs to handle the proceedings in an orderly manner.The team met NC House representative Wesley Harris and invited him to attend the event as a guest speaker.

It was an outstanding experience to see 50 youth volunteers orchestrating the event without a flaw.

On the day of the event all the youth volunteers and their parents reached the event location couple of hours before the start time with excitement and performed all their assigned tasks. The event started with the singing of national anthems of USA and India followed by lighting of the candles by junior youth team members which the MCs explained is a symbol of passing the torch to the next generation of youth leaders.

Throughout the evening, the music and dance performances enthralled the audience. Between the performances the youth volunteers took turns to explain the four pillars of VT SEVA, the mission of PRERANA, the past volunteering activities of VT SEVA Charlotte, experience of summer volunteering in India, and delivered motivational speeches and effectively communicated to the audience the need for supporting the goal of PRERANA to sponsor visually challenged children’s education. It was an outstanding experience to see 50 youth volunteers orchestrating the event without a flaw.

Ms. Kalpana Nellutla, the branch director of VT SEVA Charlotte recognized the major sponsors of the evening and special guests. Rep. Wesley Harris, the District 105 representative of NC House of representatives delivered speech commending the activities of VT SEVA and spoke of the need for the different communities of youth volunteers to work together for making a difference in the this world.

The new treasurer of VT SEVA Charlotte Sriram Bhuma was introduced to the audience. The proceedings of the evening were concluded with the “PLEDGE” by the Charlotte PRAJNA students which the audience appreciated very much.

The audience was quite impressed by the proceedings of the event, the discipline of the youth volunteers. Many people asked for opportunity to join the future VT SEVA fundraising events, and inquired about the opportunity for future youth volunteers to participate in summer volunteering opportunities in India. The attendees purchased food donated by the local restaurants and prepared by the volunteer families. The need for supporting the education of the visually challenged children was very much on the minds of the attendees when they left the event.

Event pictures click here

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