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  • Step:1 Goto Step:2. If already you have a Facebook/ twitter account , otherwise create Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Step:2 Click on Facebook/ twitter icons
  • Step:3 Select / Copy below blue color message OR create your own with #vote , @VTSeva and #UpgradeYourWorld
    I #vote for @VTSeva to #UpgradeYourWorld to support cancer detection and treatment for women, and education to low income kids.
  • Step:4 Press twitter logo and paste the text provided in Step 3 and hit Tweet button.
  • Step:5 Press Facebook logo and paste the text provided in Step 3 and hit Share button.
  • Please make sure to repeat these steps every day till 23rd Aug. Every vote counts
  • Note: Click Instagram image to know specific instruction on how to vote using Instagram.

HH Promoted Vikasa Tarangini. In US, it is called VTSeva It stands for Volunteering Together for Seva. It offers serving the needy is the motto. It’s wings are spread to Australia, Africa, UK, Nepal etc…

What did we do so far?

  • 1996- Cyclone in Konasema, 83 shelters constructed in addition to regular help
  • Since 2004, Empowering 1000’s of Tribal Children with FREE Education
  • Since 2007, First ever exclusive Jr & Degree College for Blind, Education and exams on laptops
  • Since 2010, 300,000+ women benefited from early detection of breast and cervical cancer & few were treated
  • Many services during Hud Hud Cyclone, Nepal Earthquake, Japan Earthquake….
  • 2000- Gujarath Earthquake, A village rebuilt with 88 houses at Vallabhapur, Kuch District.
  • 2005- Tamilnadu Tsunami relief, 50 houses around Pumpuhar were built, Boats & Nets to Fishermen were distributed .
  • 2008- Frist time in the history helped farmers with Maize seeds worth of $100k.
  • JIMS Hospital exclusively for the downtrodden, providing high quality services at lowest cost

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