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VTSeva Austin 5K -"Walk for HER"

Updated: Jun 21, 2023


“Communities and countries and ultimately

the world is only as strong as the health of their women.” – Michelle Obama

The VT Seva Austin chapter Launched a 30 day Walking challenge on Mar 3rd to honor Women's Month and to promote a healthy lifestyle concluding with 5K- "Walk for HER" on Apr 1st.

It’s all about highlighting the important role early detection and exercise can play in the risks associated with breast and cervical cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 250,000 US women are diagnosed with breast cancer and when detected at early stages can be treated.

Studies have found that two to three hours of exercise per week resulted in 40% to 67% reduced risk of death.

Through 5K- "Walk for HER" 2023 VTSeva Austin has raised funds for 10 camps

which would treat 50 women in each camp. Our goal is to support 50 camps through out this year.

Thankyou for your support, your participation and donations on the event day helped funds to test 500 women in rural parts of India and Nepal.

Thank you to all the participants, Donors, Volunteers and well wishers of our VTSeva Austin 5K-”Walk for HER” Breast cancer awareness annual walkathon.

VTSeva Hike for a cause is another initiative by VTSeva Austin to encourage family outdoor activity for healthy living and connecting with nature.

Click here to join us on our Austin hikes.

Impact of donations and time.

One of the major pillars of VTSeva is Women Health and breast cancer Awareness.

VTSeva has been conducting Breast cancer awareness walks in the US and camps in India under the banner name Mahila Arogya Vikas (MAV).

Ever since its inception in 2007, MAV has served over 1.9million women (and counting) in over 1200 screening camps till day across rural parts of India and Nepal. Roughly about 50/100 women are screened free of cost in each of the medical camps. We conduct at least 200 camps every year. Free Medicines and treatments are also provided to women diagnosed with abnormalities.

All these initiatives are made possible by hundreds of selfless and compassionate volunteers, engaging partners and donors with a vision of creating awareness among women thereby nurturing a healthy society.

How can I be involved?

Your participation in our annual 5K and other initiatives like Hike for a cause will help us spread the mission and keep our local communities strong and healthy. Your monetary donations would help us continue our awareness camps in India and Nepal to reduce breast cancer victims.

Sponsor for Breast or cervical cancer kit ($25/kit)

Sponsor for medicines ($10-25 /head )

Sponsor a camp ($250-$1000/camp)

depending on how many are screened and treated. Donate Here

VTSeva Austin chapter would like to take this opportunity to Thank all our donors, participants, partners, and volunteers of the 5K event for your unwavering support , and look forward to your participation in every annual 5K walkathon with your families and friends.

A small encouragement from your side can bring a huge change in 1000 women in each Mega Health Camp.

VT Seva invites you to come forward and bring a change in hundreds of families.

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