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Halloween Candy Donation to US army troops by VT Seva Dallas

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Martin Luther King Jr said that “Life’s most persistent question is ‘what are you doing for others?’”. VT Seva Dallas’s Halloween Initiative aimed to spread compassion and kindness in the community by helping provide for those in need.

The Halloween Initiative was a youth driven event and served as a candy drive, where volunteers cumulatively collected as much candy as possible to later give to army troops, as well as help raise money for visually challenged children. This year was the first time VT Seva’s Dallas branch held an event like this, but were able to raise over 600$ for the visually challenged children, and over a 1000lbs of candy to US army troops with the help of “Soldier’s Angels”. Not only did this benefit them, but it also benefited children whose families participated in the event. Children love candy, and by donating what you love most, you learn both kindness and compassion. The event inspired many community members outside VT Seva to do something for the community, and play their small role in making the world a better place

A big thank you to Lucky Teeth, Viva dental, and Kraus Orthodontics who participated in the candy buy back program this year.


A few pictures from our Halloween Candy Donation Project

Here's the video from Viva Dental appreciating VT Seva for their huge candy donation.


In words of youth volunteers who participated in the Halloween Candy Donation -

"As I put the candy in a basket to give to the kids, I was glad that I was doing it for a great cause. I felt good as I dropped each piece of candy one by one, knowing that I was helping kids not as lucky as me. Thank you VT Seva for this wonderful experience and opportunity!" - Rishika Cheela
"When I donated this candy to help the underprivileged, I felt better than in the past when I just kept it all for myself. It was proof that helping others can be more satisfying than doing things for yourself. Thank you VTSeva for this opportunity to support education for the underprivileged." - Karthikeya Vattem
"While collecting candy, it made me happy to know that we would be helping underprivileged kids. I'm very happy to know that the donation event was a success. Thank you VTSeva for this experience, and I can't wait for the next events!" - Adithi Vattem
“I felt really good about the Halloween initiative as it was nice to know that my trick or treating had a bigger purpose behind it. I’m happy that I was able to help kids and have fun at the same time.” - Purushottam Koduri
"As I dropped off the candy at the site I felt really good as I knew I was helping the lives of kids that had no way to go out and get it themselves. Whenever I donate food it is for a great cause and I would really like to thank VTSeva for this opportunity!" - Gopal Koduri
"Knowing that these donations will be used to impact the lives of so many children was what inspired me to participate in this noble cause. I feel proud that I was able to make a difference in those childrens’ lives and make them feel more included in our community" - Shreyas Viswanathan
"I felt happy that so many people donated candy from Halloween to our cause to buy equipment for the visually challenged kids. I also felt happy because I was making a healthier choice by getting rid of all the candy I don’t want or need." - Veeksha Chigurupati
"I am so grateful and thankful that there is an organization like VTSEVA to provide me with this amazing opportunity to help those in need. I started by spreading the word about VTSEVA’s Halloween donation to my friends. They were so kind as to participate in the donation and donated most of their candy that they collected to our donation box. I went trick or treating with my friends and my mom and I collected as much candy as I could so I could donate it to VTSEVA. I ended up pouring my whole bag of candy in our donation box and I actually felt so happy doing it because I knew all my candy was going to a good cause. All in all, the Halloween initiative was a great initiative to start and hopefully we have more like this throughout the year. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity, I am so thankful for VTSEVA!" - Shriya Aviur
"I felt amazed on how much candy we collected and surprised to know how much candy goes to waste every year. I am glad we made good use of it to help the underprivileged kids. Thank you VTSeva for this opportunity to help the society." - Sahasra Produtor
"When I donated the candy, I was happy to know that the candy I got would make multiple underprivileged kids happier. Thank you VT Seva for the opportunity to help the underprivileged kids." - Suhavi Tiruveedhula

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