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Dallas Team Comes Together for Women's Health - 11th Annual Tarangini

On February 8th, 2020, VTSeva Dallas hosted our 11th Annual Tarangini Program. Our main theme for the program was fundraising for Women Health Camps (Prevention and Early detection of Cancer).

Taking inspiration from the women health camps conducted by VT Seva's sister organization in India – “Vikasa Tarangini Mahila Arogya Vikas” for past decade impacting a million women through 1000 camps for free, a Government Order (G.O) was issued by Telangana State Government, Women and Child Welfare Ministry in June 2019 to collaborate with us and conduct health camps all over the state.

To honor the above announcement and to multiply our positive impact,  our VT Seva Dallas team decided to raise funds to conduct as many camps as we sponsored for the past 10 years in just a year of 2020! Our goal was to raise funds to support 100 Women Health Camps.

To date of this article, we have raised funds to conduct 70 camps and we are positive that with pledges to be realized and corporate matching to be completed, we will meet the goal of 100 camps. Our Tarangini program raised awareness about Women Health Camps with effective video presentation, slide deck and emceeing. We focused on various regions of India that camps were conducted and informed our audience of where they all were conducted as well as what goes into conducting a camp. Our youth educated the audience throughout the event to help raise more to reach our goal about our service activities throughout the year all over USA and India. Our stage performances during the program were also based on cultures from the same Indian regions that the camps were conducted at. Our programs ranged from North Indian regional dances, to South Indian classical dances, a few multi-lingual singing performances, and even an all-world fashion show!

We invited the Pro Tem Mayor of Plano, Mr. Rick Smith as a Chief Guest to attend the event. Mayor Smith spoke a few noble words about VT Seva and the importance of community service. At the end of his speech, the Mayor, presented VT Seva with a certificate of commendation as a token of appreciation. Following the program, he extended partnership on behalf of City of Plano for new initiatives to serve the community through VT Seva.

VT Seva Dallas Branch Director Mr. Priyatam Burgadda gave energetic vote of thanks to appreciate the volunteers, supporters and sponsors. He announced and introduced the new VT Seva team for 2020 to carry the torch of service.Our program would not have been possible without our dynamic volunteer team. From youth to adults, we all worked together to make it happen. Apart from our core volunteering team, we had almost 50+ volunteers helping with event management, decoration, serving food, and helping anywhere else needed. We also had many new members who showed interest in taking part in our monthly/quarterly activities and signed up at the venue itself!

VTSeva Dallas would like to thank all our volunteers, for making the 11th Annual Tarangini a grand success. We hope to organize many more events throughout the year to do more service.

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