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A legacy worth passing on to younger generations - Spirit of Volunteerism

COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of change all around, whether it is social distancing, working from home, online classes or essential businesses staying open while others are closed. Each family is somehow coping with the situation in their own way. While frontline Healthcare workers and essential workers are fighting to save lives and keeping everyone healthy, VT Seva and many other organizations are working towards providing all the support they can to help those in need. As a small gesture of support, our long term VT Seva volunteering family - the Nekkalapudi family marched ahead in their own unique way.

While dad, Mr. Subramanyam Nekkalapudi started teaching yoga online in their community, the mother-daughter duo, Ms. Sravani Nuthakki and Ms. Sribhaavita Nekkalapudi, started making cloth masks to donate to those in need. Sribhaavita took charge of washing the material, ironing it, cutting it for the masks as well as the ties, pinning them and later pleating the masks while her mother stitched them. These are double layered masks with a pocket for adding a filter. So far they have donated 80 masks to various organizations and individuals. They are working on making more.

Sribhaavita is an 8th grader at Carnage Magnet Middle School. She is an active VT Seva Cary volunteer and is a recipient of Presidents Gold Award for the year 2019. She knows that this effort is a drop in the ocean. But as someone said - ‘What is any ocean but a multitude of drops?’

VT Seva raised funds and supporting local communities across USA by providing 100,000 meals through local food banks, 17,000 N-95 masks to hospitals in highly impacted cities to protect doctors, nurses and other Healthcare staff. Read more. If you would like to join our ongoing efforts, donate here.

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