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A:LO:K 2021

1 a day ($365/year per student) paves the way for a bright future! This year we have a goal of supporting 305 students for the next year!

With your generous contributions, we are making our way towards our goal. Thank you for your support!

Netra Vidyalaya schools and colleges for the Visually Challenged focus on providing value-based quality education, technology-assisted learning, and a self-reliant lifestyle to those leaders of tomorrow.

VT Seva-supported tribal schools’ mission is to see all children of impoverished communities have access and opportunities to quality education and healthcare and enable them to live with dignity and pride.

Updates in 2021

Netra Vidyala schools are in session – click here to see our Netra Vidyalaya school in action!

Tribal schools are in session – Read more here about the effort of Tribal School administrators to keep class in session during trying pandemic times!

Netra Vidyalaya celebrated World Braille Day, celebrated annually in appreciation of the role Braille has had in transforming the lives of the visually challenged.

Sport accolades

o Two Netra Vidyalaya alumni (one pursuing an MBA and the other a computer professional) and a 10th class Netra Vidyalaya student were selected to the Andhra Pradesh Cricket team in the National T20 Cricket Tournament for the Blind. Nethra Vidyalaya led the way to the formation of the Andhra Pradesh T-20 Team. Ultimately, the Andhra Pradesh team became the 2021 National Champions!

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o Twenty-eight Nethra Vidyalaya students competed in the Andhra Pradesh State Level Para Athletics and Powerlifting competition. They went on to secure 25 Gold, 13 Silver, and 10 Bronze medals in the Para Athletics and Para Powerlifting categories and the Overall State Championship. We are looking forward to them repeating history as national and international champions in para-sports, having won in 2019 at the Asian Para Games conducted in Colombo, Srilanka.

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Nethra Vidyalaya students won 15 Gold Medals, 6 Silver Medals, and 1 Bronze medal in the Telangana Paralympics.

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District Collector, MLA, and other Public Officials Visited the School for Tribal Children in Allampally: They were highly impressed by the accomplishments of our Schools with 11 graduating batches and 12,000 families benefitted. A majority of alumni have been placed with prestigious organizations for employment.

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