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Youth Rocks!!

During this COVID-19 Pandemic , our youth team came forward to help the community by volunteering to Stitch few Face masks . We thank all our volunteers for their incessant support.

Kudos to you all

Chinmay Krishna Dongari

Age 17

12th Grade

Made 29 Masks

Shravika Billakanti

Age 16

11th grade

Made 27 Masks

Sumir Nemani

Age 18

GA Tech

Made 50 Masks

Mehar Nemani

Age 16

11th Grade

Made 50 masks

Sreeja Sappati

Age 15

10th grade

Made 100 Masks

Sumana Chilakamarri

Age 17

12th grade

Made 75 Masks

Adithya Karthik Upadhyatula

Age 12

7th Grade

Made 300 Masks

Siri Chandana Arkatala

Age 13

9th grade

Made 250 Masks

Pranav Arkatala

Age 15

10th Grade

Made 250 Masks

Manasi Oleti

Age 17

12th grade

Made 60 Masks

Trisha Vemulapalli

Age 14

9th grade

Made 90 Masks

Rikhilsai Duvvuri

Age 12

7th grade

Made 300 Masks


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